Monday, November 7, 2016

Treklets Season 1.4

Balance of Terror- Mom Title:  "Spock’s Dad Plays a Romulan"

On the opening wedding:
“Oh well, one of them is going to die.”

On Mark Lenard:
“I really like him, he’s a good actor.”

On the Centurion:
“He looks like a Hobbit.”

On the Centurion’s death:
“He was crushed by falling Styrofoam.”

On Lieutenant Styles and her general intolerance of racism:
“He’s a big poopy.” [Repeated]
“I expected him to do something stupid.”

On the dropping debris strategy:

On the plasma torpedo:

On everyone falling about when the Enterprise is struck by the plasma torpedo:

On the revelation of the Romulans' appearance:
“Everyone is like ‘whaaaaaa?’ but Spock is smiling. He knew.”

Shore Leave - Mom Title:  "Finnegan"

On emotional compared to factual memories:
“This is one of my favorites.”
“Finnegan is behind everything isn’t he?”

On Spock manipulating the Captain into taking shore leave:

On Angela, the bride from the previous episode fooling around with Estaban:
“That was a quick rebound.”
[Embarrassing note- Having watched these out of order most of my life,
I never noticed it was the same actress before.]

On Kirk’s uptake as things keep appearing:
“Didn’t he figure it out yet?”

ON Kirk’s uptaking with Ruth:

On how the stories we watch and read differ from reality:
“McCoy isn’t dead…I mean, he’s dead, but he’s fine.”

On the classic bridge scene ending:
“Why is everyone laughing at Spock, he’s way too awesome for that.”

The Galileo Seven – Mom Title "Spock Commands a Shuttle…Badly"

On time in the Trek universe:
“How do Star Dates work? The numbers never make any sense episode to episode.”

On commissioner Farris, first obstructive bureaucrat of many we’ll meet:
“He did it, he made the shuttle disappear. Look at him in the evil drinking coffee pose.”

On McCoy’s bedside manner:
“He’s flirting with ANOTHER Yeoman?”

On character loyalties in regards to the Boma/Spock interactions:
When Boma first confronts Spock
“I don’t like him.”
As the episode progressed with Spock focusing more and more on the logical side:
“He’s right; Spock is being kind of a butt.”
Then McCoy and Scotty shot him down for being insubordinate to Spock.
“I don’t like him.”

On real time versus TV time:
“Wow, the ten seconds to atmosphere was exactly ten seconds. Usually they screw that up.”

On the bridge crew’s reactions to Spock being gone:
“Uhura’s freaking out.  Sulu is too, because he knows what it’s like.”

The Squire of Gothos - Mom Title:  "Trelane"

On the Enterprise’s history of protective gear:
“A planet with a deadly atmosphere. I know, they’re sending them down in beach clothes.”

On the Salt Vampire cameo:
“AAAAAAAAAAAHH!!  Wait, did they have an extra one.”
Me- “No, they just put the costume from the other episode in a case.”
“Oh, that makes more sense.”

On the fleeting nature of childhood memories:
“I don’t remember this one.”
“Oh this weirdo. I don’t remember what he does. Just that he’s weird.”

On the bridge station that rotates the most in season one:
Kirk: “This is Mister DeSalle, our navigator.”
“One of thousands.”

On Spock objecting to Trelane and calmly, if sharply, mouthing off to him the whole episode:

On Trelane’s power source:
“He’s got a chip in his head?”
[And a hundred other high tech guesses…until the duel set up]
“Oooh!  Break the mirror!”

On Yeoman Teresa Ross:
“This is the second Yeoman in three episodes in a fancy dress. At least this one isn’t hideous.”
“I like her better than Janice, she’s nice. Janice just stands there looking pissed.”

On Gothos following them:
“He’s moving a planet? That can’t be good.”

On Kirk logging at his trial:
“Where is he doing this?”

On Kirk staring down and defying Trelane:

On Kirk’s line- “You’ve got a lot to learn about everything, haven’t you?”
“Ooooh!  I get it.”

On previous powered children:
“Those are the same glowing green people that took Charlie X…except those had a face.”

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