Thursday, November 10, 2016

Political Rant

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Most of the time I completely avoid politics in favor of pointless things I enjoy taking far too seriously.

This year, I’ve had enough.

The lowest common denominator insult sponsored election is, at last, over.

I’m writing this ahead of time, meaning I have no idea who won, and I plan to have something far better to do than follow the returns to edit this before it posts.

I am sure there is a definitive winner for the following reason:

Both sides were unquestionably certain that their candidate’s opponent was totally unfit for office, a criminal, and completely out of touch with any and all social behavior skills.

Both candidates were accused of being far too focused on positions of power. (Making politics the only career in the universe where having relevant experience gets viewed as a negative.)

Based on polls conducted by both candidates’ own services, and other highly reputable methods, such as counting Facebook friends, both sides’ supporters were convinced it was going to be a landslide victory.

How could it not be, with such clear evidence coming from official and clandestine sources that the other person violated codes, laws and ethics.

(The biggest thing I've learned from this election is that the media cannot influence squat. Rather it will happily pander to its base audience to give them the feeling of "I was right."  Once again, the key number ain't 1984 it's 451.)

Therefore we must have a clear winner.

Now that it’s over, the best reaction any sizable group is having will not be:
“A fine and highly desired candidate will take the oval office.”


“Thank whoever I pray to that other person didn’t get in.”

Seriously, the result of this election has to mean whoever won is forcing the other party into a massive retooling strategy based on:
“DAMN! We couldn’t even beat them!”

For those on the other side of the victory, relax the country isn’t going down the toilet just yet.

A) There are a bunch of checks and balances built into our system precisely to prevent that.
B) The opposition dislikes the winner to such an extent that they will go out of their way to block any real drastic deviations they try to implement.
C) Both candidates’ egos are enormous, and winning the presidency won’t be enough. They’ll be concerned about their legacy of how history will remember them, now that they can stop flinging poo at each other.

The annoying part is both parties put forth candidates along the way where the other side would say:
“I agree with some of what they say, but they take it too far.”

Then everyone focused myopically on the “take it too far” part.

I think it’s high time, as a nation, we start focusing more on the “agree with some of what they say” part.

Or am I the only one that noticed some  of the best functioning of this country has happened when the president and congress are two different parties, some urgent mess happened, and there was no choice but compromising to fix it?

Both parties are now, not only campaigning to the extremes of their party line, but also actively focusing on the least intelligent of the voters, hoping the rest of us will read about important issues on our own.

I know I’m not alone in this annoyance.

American politicians and parties, on behalf of all of us…

Get your crap together and start thinking about “all of us!”

We’ve seen the dark and stupid path years of targeting half of us leads.

Don’t make me come back and do this again in four years.


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