Monday, February 13, 2017

Anabelle and Daddy Ad-veeeeen-tures! Yeah! *Jazz Hands* Day 6 -July 24

Food Trek Racing

Anabelle and I had breakfast together, nursing Minecraft hangovers and getting ready for the day’s big event.

Grandma met us at the theater, because Star Trek has always been a multigenerational thing in our family.  We all had a fantastic time watching the new franchise stand firmly on its own, flowing naturally from the past of the show instead of leaning on it or recreating it.

It was the best of the new ones, which is significant praise.

Later events prompted running to the mall for lunch.

The timing of those later events also prompted looking at the line for the good but excessively slow sushi place and saying, “Not today.”

I took Anabelle for her lunch pretzel, before going back to the food court and grabbing a sandwich for myself.

We went home to get ready for her Girl Scout pool party.

Embarrassingly we reached the point that I taped the end of Chopped, even though she didn’t care about it. 

Those shows are addictive.

She had mountains of fun with the gang of scouts in the pool. She and her best friend were the last ones out, and her mother and I practically had to dredge them out with the skimmer net to get them to go home.

There was a bit more cooking shows (which I can’t blame her for anymore) before her nightly collapse, and my nightly exercise and collapse.

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