Monday, February 27, 2017

Anabelle and Daddy Ad-veeeeen-tures! Yeah! *Jazz Hands* Day 8 -July 26

Heat and Transference

After a couple of months in a different location, I worked for that same company in the same building for twenty years, and finally earned an office.

Two months later they transferred me to a job in another facility, and put me in a cubicle smaller than the one I moved out of to get the office.  I’d drive down for meetings about once a month just to visit it.

Because my company is averse to letting people feel any kind of stability, my job requirements changed again.  I was splitting my time pretty evenly between the office building and the cubicle building.

Due to shifting staff, project requirements and my time off to go on the ad-veeeen-tures *Jazz Hands* my boss decided I should stay focused on the tasks in the building with the office in it for the summer.

Guess which building had the air conditioner shut down for maintenance?

The second saddest part was if I worked on cubicle building tasks, they were mostly computer based and I could have functioned in either building.  The office building tasks were all based around cabinets full of binders, test fixtures, and product review.

The saddest part was they offered space to all the people working in the office building in the cubicle building if their work allowed them to do it remotely.

I left at the end of the day, looking like a wash out from a remedial aerobics class.

Anabelle was finishing packing up at Grandma’s house.  I had time to devour a spare rib as fast as humanly possible without accidentally swallowing the bone as if it were a giant aspirin.

Then I transferred her over to Kristen’s house for the night. Based on the near infinite issues that crop up whenever I use it, I volunteered to spare that family from possibly puffy attacks and inflate the air mattress she used that night before leaving her there.

Once home, I decided I wasn’t sure if sweaty risk analysis counted as a cardiac workout, so I exercised.

It wasn’t a huge burden as I “needed” (quotes courtesy of my wife) to watch Predator 2.

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