Monday, February 20, 2017

Anabelle and Daddy Ad-veeeeen-tures! Yeah! *Jazz Hands* Day 7 -July 25

Malaise and Mel’s Aces

Knowing I didn’t want to miss work, and more importantly couldn’t miss any Ad-veeeeen-tures *Jazz Hands* I called for a doctor’s appointment the moment I started feeling under the weather.

Anabelle stayed home and read a bunch of her book about teens exploring an old, abandoned, possibly haunted, insane asylum for her summer reading project. This was one of the strongest early sightings of the family horror genes kicking into high gear.

I joined the club of my daughter, and nieces and nephew by being diagnosed with a double ear infection. 

I also proved a point I long suspected. 

Most of the time I have a doctor’s appointment, I drive straight from work, through New Jersey highway traffic to get there.  I’m usually given a stern talking to about my blood pressure when it peaks above the 140/90 range.  This day, I came after having a quiet breakfast with my daughter following a fun weekend with her. 
I drove through town to get there, and clocked in at 120/80. 

I wonder if they can write a prescription for early retirement.

It turned into a movie day, which is always a good thing.

We had watched the first two Mel Brooks films in order but she was intrigued by Silent Movie.  She said it “sounded” funny.  I did break down and shift the order based on her request…after a bit of a detour to explain the concept of a silent film a little further.

She was correct in her belief, laughing most of the way through and then was eager to go back to Blazing Saddles after we finished getting her packed for the next couple of days.

She loved that one too…and really, how could she not? She also proved Mel was right about, “If you’re going to ring a bell…ring it!”  In the famous beans scene, she started with a giggle, then was grossed out, but as it continued, slid back into hysterics.  It also did appeal to her innate outrage at racism which the X-men films fostered in her.  So hooray for superheroes!

I took her over to Grandma’s, where she was spending the night.  Because we were all coming through to drop off the kids, she made pizza for us all. (A fat free cheese one for me, per usual.)

YAY Grandma!

As all my sister’s kids were taking tae kwon do and jujitsu, as a caring and concerned uncle, it was my duty to introduce them to Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. 
This is a movie, not only with strong family ties as one of our favorites, but also to my college years.  The juggling club sponsored it for movie night, and afterwards our practices would echo with Chuin inspired insults, “You juggle like a baboon with two club feet.”

I also was able to have Jesse stand on my stomach juggling for a brief moment, until Brian started off on a rant about what idiots we were, and I laughed and almost died…

Having finished the great and plentiful food and stupid but fun movie…
(Sort of a test run for our New Years Eve tradition)
Anabelle and the kids turned in, and I went home.

I exercised, organized, and filled the need long absent from my system of violent, action filled, science fiction by watching the Blu Ray of the original Predator that I’d received for Father’s Day.

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