Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Song “What If” Thing

One rule I have kept for myself in all the forms of communication I’ve lived through (Twitter, Facebook, email, delivered mail, stone tablets, etc) is under no circumstances will I continue a chain letter.

The semi exception is those goofy “feel good” instructions for life ones, which I will make fun of. This is especially true of the “pass it on” part.

My problem is: for list jokes, I get carried away commenting on other people’s feeds.  I won’t use the “keep it going” thing, but it does take time and effort to come up with them.

Between all the ones I did, I found I had enough for a top ten list…
And I once again, I have a filler to let me finish some longer, more substance filled musings.

In the spirit of those “What if James Brown didn't feel good? or What if Whitney Huston Didn't Always Love you?” type shenanigans, here’s some of mine.


What if Alice remained a nice guy?

What if an old cowpoke stayed home in bed that dark and windy day?

What if Ogden Edsel’s dead puppy was a hoot and a half?

What if Brownsville Station (and later Mötley Crüe) were just taking a whiz in the boy’s room?

What if Black Flag had something much better to do than to watch TV and have a couple of brews?

What if H. R. Puffinstuff was a big jerk when things got rough?

What if Barnes and Barnes often saw roly poly fish heads drinking cappuccino in Italian restaurants with oriental women?

What if Bon and Angus charged exorbitant rates for dirty deeds?

What if the Bugaloos were on the ground and centrally located?

What if, when he was a little bitty boy, Chuck Berry’s grandmother bought him a package of sweat socks?

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