Monday, December 31, 2012

Classic Doctor Who – Modern Song

Does the world REALLY need another “Call Me Maybe" parody?

There are millions of them out there, many of which have fully produced videos.
In fact there are already several Doctor Who themed ones.

However, since I am not a twenty something girl with a crush on David Tennant or Matt Smith, I thought I could bring something new to the table as there was a perfect fit for this song in the most famous run of the Classic Incarnation of Doctor Who.

More importantly, the down side of having a daughter at the age where she’s discovering pop music and bringing it home, means I can’t get the dang thing out of my head.  Of course the up side was she was a valuable assistant in proofreading to make sure it matched the meter and music. Thanx kiddo!

Went on the run from my race,
I travel through time and space,
Big goofy grin on my face,
New planet every day.

I wander the universe,
Fight monsters, robots and worse,
Their evil plans I reverse,
Then TARDIS flies away

I’m always meetin’,
New folks, need a lead in,
Earn friends with my greetin’,
I could offer candy maybe?

Hey, I’m the Doctor,
I may look crazy,
But would you care for,
A Jelly Baby?

My place of birth might,
Gallifrey be.
I fit in easy,
With Jelly Babies

Hey, I’m the Doctor,
Scarf long and crazy,
It’s brightly colored,
Like Jelly Babies.

I taught Romana,
A young Time Lady,
To break the ice with,
My Jelly Babies.

I have a dog named K-9,
His metal skin and lights shine,
He rolls when his servos whine,
Advice and scans he gives.

Nose laser built on a whim
Saves us when things have looked grim
“Good Dog," I point and tell him,
He says Affirmative

Folks freak in my ride,
Eyes blink, Mouth opens wide
”Bigger on the inside!”
They yell, and then pass out, maybe.

Hey, I’m the Doctor,
Please don’t go crazy,
Calm down and try this,
Nice Jelly Baby

The Daleks want to
Exterminate me,
Their plungers can’t hold,
a Jelly Baby.

Hey, I’m the Doctor,
Head Time Lord Maybe,
Tell the Castellan,
Bring Jelly Babies.

And all the UNIT Troops,
They cheer and praise me,
They’ve got a taste for,
My Jelly Babies.

Master’s regeneration strife
Used all that he had
Killed Nyssa’s own Dad
Yes he was so, so bad

Starting his new bearded life
Went to Logop’lis
Messed with their big dish
I had to go stop this

He broke space time and,
Tried to slay me,
I saved creation,
Lost Jelly Babies

Hey, I’m the Doctor,
My plan was crazy,
Fall squashed both me and
My Jelly babies

The Watcher walked up to
Regenerate me,
I’ll change my outfit,
And wear some Cel’ry

Now I’ve got a brand new life
Changes will come quick
We’ll break the Sonic
and knock off poor Adric

It will be more than stress and strife,
But you should know this
One thing I  will miss.

My Jelly Babies.


For those of you the right age to remember the great Tom Baker years, and without the benefit of a little 'un to help you know the song, here's the music to sing along to.

Befitting the impressive quality of a Doctor Who score, it's an orchestral version.


longbow said...

I remember being really surprised in 1986 on my first trip to England to find out that Jelly Babies were real.

Jeff McGinley said...

Yes they are. So are Jammy Dodgers. And they're both DELICIOUS!

Thanx for posting!

Kim Luer said...


Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx! You know what is more awesome...purging the song from being stuck in my head!