Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bondlets: Goldfinger


THE Bond movie:
The point where it all came together:
The film the others all try to recapture the magic of:

It was greeted by my daughter with, “There’s too much romance!”

Fortunately once he started shooting people, she said, Good!” and became caught up like millions of others before her.

That’s my girl!

How well made is this gem in the already extremely well regarded collection.

It had my ten year old daughter captivated by a scene about golf.

While finding most of the Aston Martin awesome (as is correct) the tracker beep annoyed her to such a degree that she found it hard to concentrate.  She was still focused enough on the proceedings to notice the case brought into the car by “Tilly Soames” had a T.M. on it.

Three films in and she’s ready for a job at MI6!

It’s also only taken three films for her to gain a full understanding of how these pictures work. 

She was not fooled by the supposed mass death around Fort Knox, because the death of Felix Leiter gave it away.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens when we get to License to Kill.

While definitely not a fan of the romance, she’s starting to understand that too.

When Honor Blackman’s character, named after a favorite feline pet (work with me here people) proclaimed she was immune to 007’s charms, my daughter blurted out:

“NO!  She’s gonna fall for him.”

Thus predicting the cinema’s most famous, “Roll in the Hay,” not counting Young Frankenstein.

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