Monday, October 26, 2015

Peru June and July 2014 Trip Index

These are some long overdue tales from a long overdue trip.

Due to geeky obsessions, lost Disney photos, and life in general, its taken  well over a year to get everything organized and then have space available on the Monday posts.

But instead of admitting all that, I'll say I waited on purpose to post the index for this adventure on my Fourteenth Wedding Anniversary to commemorate our journey to my wife's home.

Happy Anniversary honey!

(Think she bought it?)

Look for the rhyming links to start going live after next week's anniversary of another kind.

No I didn't forget some "th"s, I needed to do that to vary the rhymes.

Day 1:   June 23rd- We Fly Like a Bird
Day 2:   June 24th- Differences from the North
Day 3:   June 25th- Great Seafood’s no Myth
Day 4:   June 26- Some Cool Monkey Tricks
Day 5:   June 27- Oceanside Restaurant Heaven
Day 6:   June 28- Slow Day but Ended Late

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