Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Mix Up of My Fandoms I Never Imagined

Happy 50th Anniversary Star Trek!!!

Unfortunately, I got overexcited and watched them alone last year and wrote them all up instead of stretching them out...

And I started watching them again, with my family this time, but haven't gotten far enough through them to start posting my daughter's reactions.

So here's stuff about two other franchises:

With KISS on my mind again, and Doctor Who always on my mind, stumbling upon this t-shirt was a bizarre coincidence.

Many friends expected me to try to order one immediately, before the KISS Enterprised Marketing Branch’s Legal Team vaporized every possibly copy.

But, I’m insanely picky about my geeky weirdness.

And the mapping is all wrong on this amalgamation.

I’ve done it with James Bond, I might as well try to fix this one.

Classically romantic David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor should be combined with the loverboy Starchild (Paul Stanley)

Electric guitar wailing, Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor is full of alien aloofness and should be matched up with the Space Ace (Originally Ace Frehley, franchised to Tommy Thayer)

The other two I could buy either way.

Option One:

The idea of, “Never mess with my friends or I will make the name Doctor be known as warrior,” from Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor would be a good fit for the Demon (Gene Simmons)

While the short duration of his tenure, and his unpredictability makes Christopher Eccelston’s Ninth Doctor a reasonable connection for the Catman (The Peter Criss original one, less so the current Eric Singer version).

Option 2:

The Eleventh Doctors rapport with children could link him with the lighter, softer “Beth” singing Catman.

While I could accept the Ninth Doctor’s “Oncoming Storm” as a fit for the Demon.

I guess that makes Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor with his tragically short tenure, and his use as a bridge between classic and new Doctor Who is the Fox (Eric Carr.)


Now that I look at the shirt again, I’m realizing all they did was map the four Doctor’s since the show returned onto the Dynasty cover in chronological order.

I do believe I’ve vastly over thought my geekiness once more.

The shirt is a little temping, but only from the standpoint that the two fandoms have very little crossover and it would annoy the snot out of vast groups on both sides.

I do, however, feel justified in saying that this attempt to put the first four Classic Doctors in the Destroyer cover pose with no makeup, no background and no other modifications to show any connection is the height of laziness and should be discouraged.

Being weird required a better work ethic, and aiming higher.

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