Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bondlets: The World is Not Enough


This movie allowed me to explain the concept of a Chekov’s Gun to my daughter.
And then because the geek is strong in my family, explain it had nothing to do with Star Trek.

She was thrilled to see a sniper, because she thought, “The Cellist” came back.

Brosnan plays an older, wearier Bond in this one. He’s more ruthless, and as a result the stunts are crazier as he pushes himself.  He’s still up for Jamesbonding the doctor, to which my daughter replied, “I’d have kicked and slapped him!”
She also yelled at him later for using the X-ray tech for looking at women.
YAY Again!

The titles lost all pretense of subtlety this time around, causing her to switch from “Naked Watch” to “Naked Count.”
Not to mention trying to figure out the concept of a “Naked Oil Well.” 

We all shed a tear at Q’s final scene, after agreeing that the automatic fire bagpipes were awesome.

Have seen a few dull skiing scenes in previous adventures, she was a bit leery…
Until the flying heavily armed snowmobiles showed up.

That’s my girl!

She figured out Elektra was evil.
Partially it was because there were two Bond women, meaning one was either bad or going to die.
(Does she get bonus points for it being both?)

At first she was quite impressed with 007 apparent maturity when Elektra was the first woman she’d seen him say no to Jamesbonding since For Your Eyes OnlyAt least for a while. 
She astutely pointed out:
“Third time’s a charm I guess.”

The biggest clue to Elektra’s leaning was the, and I quote:
“The ’I’m evil and no one knows it’ look.”
Translation- She never looked scared or worried when she should have.
The kid’s getting perceptive.

Renard was scary enough to keep her from guessing Elektra was the main villain this time around, not just his moll or victim.

There was a fantastic juxtaposition of acting skills in this movie.

Judy Dench has one of her most active turns as M.
My daughter cheered out loud when she slapped Elektra.

M’s resolve, strength and ingenuity in the jail cell led her to decide:
“M must stand for Magnificent.”

On the other hand…Christmas Jones.

Her first comment about her was:
“Wait…SHE’S a physicist?!?!?”
And it went downhill from there.

“Christmas seems to be going through an emotional state of some kind.
But I have no idea what it is.”

All the way until she was concentrating on a life or death task:
“Is she pooping?”

The amazing reliance on practical effects stood out once more.  My daughter originally thought the crazy helicopter carried buzz saw was CGI, and was duly impressed to learn:
“They made that?  WHOAH!”

Similar reactions happened for the car’s gadgets as well, leading to great sadness at its expected demise.”
“Awwwww…it’s always the car.”

The effects gang may have gotten a little too excited in this one though:
“What are things made of?  Everything goes BOOM!”

Overall this is a very well made, but darker entry into the franchise. The end is bit overlong, because once Bond shoots Elektra, it feels like the end.

Then more explodey stuff happens.

My daughter was just relived he didn’t kiss a dead person for the second time.

Then again, the final Jamesbonding scenes with Christmas may have qualified.

“She just stares…

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