Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bondlets: Goldeneye


A new actor takes over as James Bond, but our family viewing sessions stayed about the same.

My daughter was stunned that “They did that!?!?!” for the opening bungee scene, not counting the terrible Green Screen shot near the end.  She also spotted a similar quality one later on the train.  Her father’s special effects obsession may be rubbing off.

She instantly recognized a non-bearded Boromir, proving once more she likes the Tolkien films far more than she’ll ever admit to her Dad.

She also recognized “Floop” from Spy Kids as well, because we hadn’t gotten to Alan Cumming’s turn as Nightcrawler yet.

Daniel Kleinman took over for Maurice Binder, but “naked watch” was still in full and disproving effect during the title sequence.   Seeing clothing shadows in some scenes didn’t cut it.

She liked Brosnan’s turn, but at first thought his hair was too messy from the opening action packed scenes. I guess she really did like Roger Moore.

She questioned his “funny accent” and when I explained he was Irish would giggle further each time he spoke, and referred to him as a leprechaun throughout his run.

Other things remained constant:
“He’s Jamesbonding her in the car?  Lord.”

The inevitable Jamesbonding of Natalya was frowned upon as well.
“Aaaaand there it is.  I liked her because she didn’t let him jamesbond her.”

Considering her survival in the closet was predicted because “she’s the Bond girl,” that realization should have tipped her off.

My daughter’s original approval of her was based on the bald faced bluff in the computer store that rivaled The Doctor or Captain Kirk.

She still loved the Q scenes, as did we all. I think my wife laughed at them more than the rest of us.

Predictability can be a problem when watching all of the franchise, case in point:
“Even Mami knew he was hiding in the water, and half the time she doesn’t pay attention to anything.”

However, there were two big surprises.

The villain reveal:
“Whaaaaaaaaaaaa????  It’s Boromir?”

And Jo Don Baker showing up as a more down to Earth Felix Leiter replacement after being the bad guy two films ago.

In general the levels of fun continued as the new Bond reign began, highlighted when both my wife and daughter cheered through the tank scene.
This was a rare Bond outing where the fight with the main villain was better than the one with his chief henchman.  And Bond finishing him not “for England” but “for me” was met with a cheer and:
“Ha ha you got a taste of your own medicine.”

Of course, the final Jamesbonding was negatively commented on.
When Bond answered Natalya’s “Suppose someone is watching,” with
“There’s no one in twenty five miles, believe me.”

Before Wade and the Marines surprise appearance, my daughter yelled out:
“Hey! We’re right here!”

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