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Disney 2016 Planning Part 3

February 28, 2015
W minus 614
Oh, wait. Never mind. The reservations they’re taking are exactly like the “FastPass” lunch we had. I guess they did like it after all.

March 6, 2015
W minus 607
Toy Story Mania and Soarin’ rumored to have extra capacity upgrades coming.  Can Peter Pan Mark II be far behind?

March 13, 2015
W minus 601
Its official, the Sorcerer’s Hat is gone, and “Disney Hollywood Studios” is changing its name...eventually. Told you MGM was coming back!

April 9, 2015
W minus 574
Someone realizes it isn’t the 80’s anymore and replaces Captain EO “temporarily” with Tomorrowland previews.

May 9, 2015
W minus 544
First documented statement that is more “we’re going” than “I’d like to go.”  Grandma indicates November teachers’ convention is the probable target at Day before Mother’s Day Friendly’s lunch.  Looking at the entire mob of us at one table…I think I may need a “Pre Grid-Grid.”

To document this decision, the Dinoland Dance-A-Palooza character dance party ends before we have a remote chance of seeing it.

May 15, 2015
W minus 538
Actually started a “Pre Grid-Grid.”  It’s a survey to rank options to let everyone vote leading to a priority list.  I knew that Customer Needs to Engineering Requirements class would come in handy.

Animal Kingdom
Donald Safari Character Lunch or dinner

Mickey Daisy Goofy, Donald outside, food excellent, uses time in park we only have one day in, parade gone though.
Animal Kingdom
Donald safari Character Breakfast

Mickey Daisy Goofy, Donald outside,  gives early entrance to park/ or wastes extra magic hours
Downtown with kids

1/2 day out of parks
T-Rex Café

1/2 day out of park, includes Downtown with kids
Garden Grill dinner (rotates)

Mickey Chip Dale Pluto, excellent food, dinner only.

Pretty leaving not quite as insane as Kingdom fireworks
Princess Meal Norway

Magic Kingdom
Be our Guest (Beast's castle meal)

Fancy great atmosphere, excellent food, crazy hard to book/ time. Sit down Dinner always full, counter lunch may be too now that fast pass open to everyone.
Magic Kingdom
Cinderella's castle meal

Magic Kingdom
Dwarves Mine Car

Snow white themed roller coaster with animatronics. (more for which of us is going, I know some definitely are)
Magic Kingdom
Electric Light Parade

Must be in M.K. on day it runs, usually more crowded.  Awesome, though.
Magic Kingdom
Fireworks in the park?

Pretty, but makes leaving insane
Magic Kingdom
First Day in MK

Fridays usually are ok, next good MK day would be Tue-Wed, but farthest from hotel.
Magic Kingdom
Night Extra Magic

Park closes earlier this time of year Extra magic extends park till 10pm. Mean 11+ hour day there.
Magic Kingdom
Plaza Restaurant

Good food, fun, best ice cream in WDW, uses a MK table service.

Pretty Good show, dark and late, leaving moderately insane, same time as Dance party which was fun
Jedi Training (age 4-12)

Need to be in MGM when it opens to sign up, possibly rearrange Fast pass and meals around it
Play and Dine lunch

Excellent food -Sophia and Doc mcstuffins,  might prevent sci fi
Sci Fi Dine in theater

Old favorite, reservations fill fast, hard to move for Jedi training etc.
Non Disney
Arrival day sit down park meal?

Plane delay could make us miss it.
Non Disney
Go To Universal for a day (Harry Potter)

Bus Ride Off Disney Property-
Non Disney
Pick one universal park for non-Potter

Harry Potter stuff spread between two parks (connected) should we look at other attractions and only pick one of them for non potter stuff or pick best attractions in both and hop?
Non Disney
Take late flight home

Guarantees park time on last day, and exhaustion on first day home
Off Park Time
Alice/Poppins Breakfast in Floridian

Morning out of park, or very early, Alice, Hatter, Pooh, Tigger, Poppins.
Off Park Time
Chef Mickeys (Contemporary)

Night time out of park, only meal with Minnie, sets kids on fire.
Off Park Time
Cinderella Dinner in Floridian

Night time out of park, probably best quality food, Cinderella, Prince, Stepmother and Sisters
Off Park Time
Day pool time

Normally can use pool at night, unless we hit a cold snap again.
Off Park Time
Do MK area hotel dinner first night?

Assumes MK first night, perfect if closing early, otherwise means leaving park before closed or very late dinner.
Off Park Time
Electric Water Pageant

Have to be near, but not in Magic Kingdom and finished eating at right time.
Off Park Time
Hoop Dee Do

More Night time out of park than character meals, counts as 2 meals,
Off Park Time
Hotel Character meal 1st night - early MK

If Magic Kingdom Closes early (7pm) Friday, should we go there first anyway and do Cinderella Floridian or something after? (con- not using  presumably available full days in MK)
WDW- General
Concentrate fast pass plus on characters

Less time on non-interactive lines- may have to use single rider lines for bigger attractions
WDW- General
Park hopping

Allows use of night extra magic hours if in other park- and electric parade after other park day, usually can schedule around need.
WDW- General
Water Park

Time away from parks, extra cost, put it on the list to cross it off…I'm traditional
WDW- General
Days per park, does this look right?

Three Magic Kingdom   (allows a short one to do off park meal) , two EPCOT,  one  Universal, one Animal, one MGM  One floater (extra MGM or Animal)  Final day, church, early home.

May 30, 2015
W minus 523
It still isn’t the 80’s –no sign of Captain EO as Inside Out previews replace Tomorrowland.

June 1, 2015
W minus 521
Muppet Vision 3D turns 24. Next year for the Silver Anniversary it will be expanded, the live stage show will return, and the Park will be named MGM again.  (Hey, I can dream, cant I?)

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