Thursday, August 24, 2017

Treklets Season 2.6

The Gamesters of Triskelion - Mom Title: "400 Quatloos on the Newcomers"

On Lt. Leslie back on the bridge and clearly still not dead:

On Chekov asking, “Captain, where are we:”
“Triskelion I believe, based on the title.”

On the reveal of the Thralls:
Rosa and Anabelle- “Ewww a yellow person.”
Anabelle- “Green hair can be pretty, but not hers.”

On Chekov’s fighting style when grabbed from behind:
“What is he doing?”

On understanding the Trek universe:
“How does he know their names?”
“What are thralls?”
*both asked before Captain Kirk asked them*

On Spock saying, “I would welcome a suggestion, Doctor, even an emotional one, as to where to look:”
“Wow, he’s really going for a last resort.”

On Kirk questioning if they’re even in the same dimension:
Anabelle- “Um…wow.”
Me – “The Mirror Universe was this season.”
Anabelle- “Oh yeah.”

On Chekov’s drill thrall:
Anabelle- “I bet he gets the yellow girl.”
*shortly after*
Anabelle- “Aah! She's scary.”
*Tamoon’s overtures continue*
Rosa - *giggles* “Poor Chekov.”

On Leslie still being stubbornly not dead:
“Maybe it’s not Leslie; it’s his twin brother Phil.”

On Shahna bringing multi colored space food:
“Ooh! M and Ms!”
“They should have given Kirk the yellow thrall that would have been funny”

On Kirk defining “beautiful" by showing Shahna her reflection in a tray:
“You mean this pan is beautiful?”

On Kirk being whipped:
“This is like The Passion except there are no marks.”

On Kirk logging while being whipped:
*raised hands in a surprised/ annoyed shrug*

On the rest period of fifteen trisecs over in a blink:
“That wasn’t fifteen anything.”

On the red “welts” from the whipping:
“Wow, great job.  That’s some quality makeup work there.”

On Spock dealing with McCoy and Scotty arguing that leaving where the Captain and others disappeared was a bad idea, ending with:
McCoy- “If they weren't there it's ridiculous to think they could still be alive. Not after all this time.”
Spock- “In that case, Doctor, we have nothing to lose by pursuing our present course.”
Anabelle- “BAM!  Logic! Drop the mike!”

On Kirk hitting on Shahna:

On Kirk explaining the custom of his people helping one another:
“Not everyone, some people just run away…oh ichhh they’re kissing.”

On Shahna leaning in saying, “Please help me once again.”
Rosa- *Prolonged huff*
Anabelle - *hysterical laughter*

On Spock conspiratorially asking if McCoy and Scotty are planning to declare a mutiny with their incessant arguing:
On McCoy and Scotty relenting and Scotty offering a “wee bit more” than Warp Seven:
Rosa- *snickers knowingly*
Anabelle – “Let’s go Warp Fifty, WOO!”

On the reveal of the providers:
Anabelle- “They’re rocks.”
Me- “Brains.”
Anabelle- “Ooohhhh.”

On the provider saying the games are, “the only thing which furnishes us with purpose:
“Furnish them with purpose!
Punish them with peppers!”
“Oh, there was too much fighting, Mami fell asleep.”

On Kirk’s bet, “If we lose? We will remain here, the entire crew of the Enterprise:”
“Oh geeze, there he goes again.”

On the Andorian thrall:
“Ooh its… its…
One of those things.”

On the climactic final battle between Kirk and the Thralls:
“He’s constantly stepping on the wrong color, negative twenty weapons for you.”
*starts counting every time Kirk steps off yellow*
“No one is staying on their color.”

On Shahna coming in:
“He just has to wound her, and then a fresh one will come in.”

On the Thrall’s surrender:
“What? His whole body is in the blue area. I’m just saying.”

On Shahna saying, “Goodbye, Jim Kirk. I will learn, and watch the lights in the sky, and remember,” after the crew leaves and she’s alone:
“Aww. She’s learning to do a Captain’s Log.”

On the episode in general:
“I still think Kirk should have gotten yellow one. It would have been funny.”

A Piece of the Action - Mom Title: "Right? Check."

On Starfleet tactics:
“Of course the main three people are beaming down into danger again.”

On Kirk’s billiards ability:
“What is he doing?  Not playing pool.”

On gangster charisma:
“I like Oxmyx; he’s cool…and kinda scary.”

On the game of Fizzbin:
*blank stare as it continues*
“But he said…”
*longer blank stare until they flip the table*
“That was great!”

On returning to Oxmyx from Krako:
“Aww…I want to see some of the other hats.”

On Uhura asking, “Mister Spock, what are you doing on this frequency?”
“Lord knows!”

On the different gangs:
“I like Krako’s group better.
They’re more fun and have better hats.
He reminds me of mouse in Zootopia.”

On Kirk asking if his driving was, “That bad?”
“Ha ha. Yup.”

On the plan with kid who wanted a piece of the action:
Anabelle- “So, is the kid gonna kill everybody?”
Me- “Yup.”
Anabelle- “What! No!”
*The plan is executed*
Anabelle- “Well, that worked.”

On Kirk thinking he’s got the hang of driving:
“He does not have the hang of it.
He's the opposite of got the hang of it.”

On Kirk addressing his first officer in the lingo of the land:

On Spocko’s, “I would advise youse to keep dialing, Oxmyx:
Rosa and Anabelle- *evil laugh*

On the ships phasers being used to stun several blocks:
“Boom! Drop the microwaves!”

On Kirk’s only final concern being, “Well, in a few years, the Iotians may demand a piece of our action:”
Rosa - *side long knowing glance* “Really?”

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