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Treklets Season 2.5

Wolf in the Fold - Mom Title: “Redjac! Redjac!”

On the opening dancing girl scene:
Anabelle- “Um…”
Rosa – “This is a creepy planet.”

On anticipating the plot when the shifty eyed guy is shown in the club:
Anabelle- “I bet that guy killed her.”
Me- “No one is dead yet.”

On the dress sense of the women of Argellius:
“What is wrong with these people?”

On Kara being stabbed a dozen times:
“Like Caesar.”

On Sybo’s ability to receive impressions from inanimate objects:
Anabelle- “No that’s not weird at all.”
Rosa – “Why doesn’t Spock do that thing? Zzzzhhhhhh” *Makes mind meld gesture*

On the appearance of Kara’s father:
“You killed her.”

On the appearance of her betrothed:
“Did he just confess? He killed her.”

On Sybo feeling, “Fear…Anger…hatred…:”

On the questionable practice of “séance in the dark” to identify a murderer:
Rosa – “Why didn’t they tie Scotty up so they’d know?”

On Kirk’s odd pronunciation of “laboratory:”
“Why do they need an expert on bathrooms?”

On Scotty’s description, “No Captain, some thing. Cold, it was, like a stinking draught out of a slaughterhouse, but it wasn't really there.”
“It’s a werewolf!!!”

On Hengist complaining the shipboard trial is a “waste of time:”
“Will you shut up, Piglet.”

On the betrothed looking shifty again:
“It was a werewolf inside of him.”

On the history of Redjack revealed, and misplaced childhood memories:
“Jack the ripper was a werewolf! I remember this!” *howls*

On the precedent for a non-corporeal Redjack being, “Mellitus, cloud creature of Alpha Majoris One:”
“I’m so sick of clouds.”

On the court reporter’s expression:
“She’s not paying attention at all.  She must be drawing or something.”

On Hengist dropping dead:
“It wasn’t him.” 
*computer laughs maniacally in his voice*
“Oh it was.  Oh crud.”

On the strangeness of Enterprise system interfaces:
“Manual turbolift control is still done by voice?”

On Redjack in the computer still sounding like Piglet saying, “I shall feed, and this time I do not need a knife. You will all die horribly in searing pain!”
*singing* “Five- six- seven –eight Hefalumps and woozles…”

On Sulu’s over the top reaction to the tranquilizer, “Whoever he is, he sure talks gloomy:”
“OK, Sulu…chill.”

On Hengist’s tranquilized, laugh filled rants at the end of the episode, “You'll die, die, die. Everybody will die!” and others:
“I’m going to have really disturbing images of Piglet in my head forever now.”

The Trouble With Tribbles - Mom Title: Really?

On the main office of K-7:
“It must be a small station, they only have two beamers.”

On Arn Darvin repeatedly saying “quadrotriticale” every time Kirk says, “wheat:”
“Shut up!”

On Kirk showing the grain to Chekov and asking, “What do you make of this?”
“It's a rice crispy treat.”

On the new effects:
“Oh look, there’s the Enterprise through the window. Whoah!”

On Spock’s claim about being immune to the tribble’s calming effect:
Rosa- “Not really.”

On Lt. Leslie walking into the bar:
“Didn’t he die?”

On Scotty repeatedly calming Chekov:
“Hee hee.”

On Korax changing insult tactics to, “We like the Enterprise. We, we really do. That sagging old rust bucket is designed like a garbage scow:”
“Uh oh, Scotty’s gonna flip.”

On Scotty belting Korax:
“Chekov’s like, ‘oh yes!’”
*Chekov gets flattened*
“Aaaannd, he’s not very good at this is he?”

On Kirk’s expression when he says, “You hit the Klingons because they insulted the Enterprise, not because they…:”
“I think he was a little insulted by that.”

On the post commercial break tribble reveal:
“Oh God! There's millions of them!”

On Spock and McCoy’s banter:
McCoy- “I like them better than I like you.”
Anabelle- “That goes for everything.”
Spock- “They do have one redeeming characteristic…
They do not talk too much.”
Anabelle- “HA!  Burn!!!”

On Kirk hitting his armrest in frustration over the tribbles:
“Oh no! He accidentally hit the eject side ship button!”

On the realization that the tribbles could be in the grain compartment:
“The tribbles are Klingon spies!”
*Kirk opens the overhead door*
“That's…*long pause* a lot of tribbles”
Spock – “One million seven hundred seventy one thousand five hundred sixty one.”
Anabelle *Blank and confused stare*
Spock - “That's assuming one tribble, multiplying with an average litter of ten, producing a new generation every twelve hours over a period of three days.”
Anabelle – “Ah.”

On figuring out the mystery:
“What if Barris is a Klingon spy?”
*Darvin is revealed*
“I was close!  See this is why they should have bumpy heads.”

On Barris’s orders once Darvin is revealed:
Darvin- *on the tribbles* “I don't know. I never saw one before in my life, and I hope I never see one of those fuzzy miserable things again.”
Barris- “I'm certain that can be arranged, Darvin. Guards? “
Anabelle- “KILL HIM!”

On Cyrano Jones:
“He reminds me of Mudd a little.”

On the final scene:
“Where are the tribbles?”
*Funny crew conversation eventually mentions beaming*
“Into space?!?!   Back on the space station?!?!”

On the solution:
Kirk – “Where are they?”
Scotty- “I gave them a good home, sir.”
Kirk – “WHERE?”
Scotty- “I gave them to the Klingons, sir.”
Kirk- *MUCH softer* “You gave them to the Klingons? “
Scotty- “Aye, sir. Before they went into warp, I transported the whole kit and caboodle into their engine room, where they'll be no tribble at all.”
Anabelle – “Hee hee hee.  Now that’s funny.”

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