Thursday, September 7, 2017

Treklets Season 2.7

The Immunity Syndrome - Mom Title:“Giant Space Amoeba”

On Spock’s pre credit freak out:
That was really weird.
What? What?”

On this exchange:
Spock- “I've noticed that about your people, Doctor. You find it easier to understand the death of one than the death of a million. You speak about the objective hardness of the Vulcan heart, yet how little room there seems to be in yours.”
McCoy – “Suffer the death of thy neighbor, eh, Spock? You wouldn't wish that on us, would you? “
SPOCK- “It might have rendered your history a bit less bloody.”
*loud applause* “You tell him Spock!”

Kirk saying, “You may have been right:”
“Duh, of course he’s right, it’s Spock.”

On the high pitched blast after they launch the probe:
Rosa- “Eeeeeeewwww!”
*Both make the same faces as the crew*

On returning actors:
“Is that Leslie. Didn't he die? Oh yeah, it’s his twin.”
*he falls*
“Ha ha…oh, I mean, ‘Oh No!’”
“Isn't that Kyle? He’s the Transporter Chief why is he wearing yellow?”

That’s my girl!

On Nurse Chapel injecting the whole bridge crew:
“She’s reusing needles, that’s really unsanitary.”
Me- “It’s a pneumatic air jet syringe.”
“Ah.  How does it work through their shirts?”

On the big black cloud after I told her the Mom Title:
“That’s not a giant space amoeba. I’m being let down.”

On McCoy saying, “We’re all dying.”

On trying to go forward, since reverse made them speed up:
“Is this gonna work?”
*looks at clock*

On the reveal
“Aaaah haa haa.  That's an amoeba!”
Wait it really is an amoeba?
I thought you just called it that.”

On Kirk keeping a personal log:
“Dear diary, I’m having a bad day.  
Yours truly James T. Kirk with a heart above the I.”

On Kirk’s dilemma of which friend he sends to die:
“Why doesn’t he send Smitty? The scientist no one likes.”

On Spock using a shuttle:
“Spock's in the Galileo again. That always goes badly.”

On Spock identifying chromosome structure right after she did biology in science:
Spock- “Changes indicate the organism has stored sufficient energy for reproductive process to commence.”
“Aaaah. Mitosis will kill us all!”

On the acting when the Enterprise crosses the cell membrane:
“That guy didn't fall the right way.”

On Kirk looking forward to rest and relaxation while he ogles a yeoman:
Rosa - *Long huff* “That was more exaggerated than usual.”

A Private Little War - Mom Title: “Mugato”
On Spock getting shot:
Anabelle – “Aaaah!”
Rosa – “Oh!”

On Kirk switching to yellow alert on his arm rest:
“Oh no he hit the eject button again!”

On the reveal of the Mugato:
Rosa – “Aaaaahhh!”
Anabelle *in full Shatner mode*  “What…the heck…is… that?”

On Nona, flashing back to seeing the show when younger:
“I remember her.  The plant weirdo.”

On Nona calling the normally pacifistic husband, “Only one lovely beast, Tyree, my huge, angry man:”
“Um…OK, Wow.”

On Yuntan interrupting the passionate “huge angry man” kiss:
“He has no friends.”

On McCoy using a phaser to heat rocks:
“Hey, they can't get to see that…
OK now she saw it.”

On Nona’s dress sense:
“I like her pants. But PULL THEM UP!”

On the Enterprise sound effects:
“The doors are so loud.   It’s like ‘WHOOOOSH!’”

On Chapel finding out Spock knows she’s holding his hand:

On Nona’s writhing, healing Kirk scene:
Anabelle- “It would be hard to forget this, it’s more than a little disturbing.
What are those, grapes…poop?”
*writhing intensifies*
Rosa – “Um...”

On Nona’s declaration, “Our blood has passed through the mahko root together. Our souls have been together. He is mine now.”
“Oh God, really?
That's not good.
I do not like her.”

On Tyree sticking to his principals and stating he will not kill.
*Nona complains*  
“OK, Kill her.”

On the villagers Sixties poofy hair:

On Klingon Krell:
“He has shiny pants.”

On yet another pre-commercial cliff hanger.
Rosa - *Huff* “They always get captured.”

On Spock asking Chapel to smack him back to consciousness:
Anabelle- “Slap him Christine!”
*Spock finally stops M’Benga”
Rosa- “Enough already”
Anabelle – “I’m good now.”

On Kirk Kissing Nona:
Rosa - *Loud Gasp*
Anabelle – “Oooooh no.”

On the Mugato attacking Nona:
Anabelle-“Let her suffer”
*Kirk shoots it*
Rosa – “He has a phaser every time he’s not supposed to.”

On passing a familiar rock on the Iverson Ranch:
“Hi-yo Silver! Awaaaay!”

On Nona betraying the Hill people to the Villagers:
“She works for the other side??”

On the Villager betraying Nona:
“Did he stab her? 
He missed.

On Tyree overenthusiastically smashing the Villager’s head:
Rosa –“Enough. He's already dead.”
Anabelle – “I think he's a bit frazzled.”
Rosa- “That happens for being flirty.”

On Tyree changing his mood about the guns after Nona died, “I want more of these, Kirk. Many more! Yutan, two of those who killed my wife have escaped. Track them down. I will kill them:”
Both – “NO!”

On the episode being far more of a Vietnam morality play lesson than an adventure story:
Both- “That was it? You’re kidding me. Bleah.”

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