Thursday, September 28, 2017

Defenders Assemble!

Netflix has brought all of its headline characters together to join forces and take on the Hand in The Defenders.

It was good.

That seems to be the general consensus of people I've talked to.

Not Earthshaking, not the best show ever, but it was good.

I’m fine with that.  

As a lifelong Daredevil fan it was cool that Matt was sort of the leader, but everyone’s stories continued and they all got equal time. Luke and Danny became friends and had the needed chemistry required to pull off their connection, and Jessica Jones was fit better into that group without losing her overall character arc and retaining her deadpan cynicism.

It was great seeing everyone together, and seeing all the relationships build up and grow between the main and auxiliary characters.

The use of colors for each main character's highlighting scenes, and then combining them together was clever and worked as well as it did when done in nearly monochrome comics set in a similar version of this universe.

The vast squad of heroes, villains and friends involved and having only eight episodes instead of thirteen kept it fast paced and removed any padding.


Dynamic action scenes, funny gags, unexpected twists, character and story progression.

It was good.

Sometimes, that’s enough.

Apologies to anyone waiting for me to finish Deep Space Nine to get to this series, especially the appropriate action figures who waited upstairs all of August and never got to see their show.


Chris said...

Agreed. It was good, not great. I would also add that it started stronger than it finished.

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx for joining in.
I kinda agree. I'd say it started stronger than it middled.
The end was cool. I thin it either needed less tangents along the way, or more time to develop them.