Thursday, September 21, 2017

Treklets Season 2.8

Return to Tomorrow - Mom Title: “Sargon in a Light Globe”
On the Helm and Navigation console staffing:
Anabelle- “Aw, where’s Chekov?”
Rosa – “It’s Sulu Time!” *does little dance*

On the disembodied voice of Sargon:
“Oh another one of these things.
Maybe he’s made of silicone and argon.”

On the various unnamed female crew members:
“All women on the Enterprise are Phyllis.”

On running gags:
“Hey it’s Leslie! No it's not.”

On Spock asking Sargon in Kirk, “What is it you want from us?”
Anabelle- “A vacation.”

On the plan to build themselves robots in the brief period before they kill their hosts:
“Are you kidding me? They can't build robots that fast!”

On McCoy thinking giving up control of his body, “sounds indecent to me:”
Anabelle- “Same here.”

On Starfleet Uniforms:
“Hey, I just realized they’re the three primary colors!”

On Kirk’s famous, “Risk is our business,” speech:
"He looks like he's about to break into song.”
*sings risk song*

On Henoch going into Spock:
“I bet he’ll be a super happy weirdo.”
(He is)
*general hysterics*
“This is weird. I’m really disturbed.”

On Sargon having romantic moments:
“Oh God even with a different alien in his body.”
*singing* “Caa-an you feeeel. The love to-night”
“This one is pleading to be a musical.”

On Henoch’s arrogance at being stronger and more stable:
“Hey hey I'm a Vulcan. Suck it.”

On Henoch in general:
Rosa – “He’s suspicious.”
*Henoch’s plan revealed”
Rosa- “Mmmmmnnn mmmmm”
Anabelle – “Vulcan’s can't do that.”
Rosa – He’s not Vulcan anymore.”
Anabelle – “Oh yeah.”

On every time Henoch smiles:
“Suck it, I’m a Vulcan.”

On Scotty bringing in the negaton hydrocoils:
“Is that cake?”

On Sargon telling Thalassa their thoughts will intertwine in the robots:
“Ooh. How romantic.”

On McCoy saying Jim is dead:
“Bum bum buuuuuum!

On Thalassa calling McCoy a, “Prancing…:”
Anabelle- "Antelope!”
Thalassa – “Savage medicine man.”
Anabelle- “That works too.”
*Thalassa makes McCoy writhe in pain from imaginary fire*
Anabelle- “Disco attack!  He could be on Soul Train.”

On Chapel wandering through the episode again:
“Why is she always in this one?”

On Kirk saying “I’m fine, Bones.”
Anabelle- “Yay!”

On Henoch’s ball being all black and crushed:
Rosa and Anabelle - *combinations of*
“He killed Spock!”
“Are you kidding me?”

On the plan:
Rosa- “The trick was Spock is in the nurse”
Anabelle – “No it wasn’t”
Rosa – “Oh yes it was.”
Anabelle- “That was weird.”

On Sargon being defeated because McCoy believed he injected him with poison:
“The magic of belief!”
*hums Disney type music*

On Chapel saying, “That is why I was summoned into Sickbay, Doctor. Mister Spock's consciousness was placed in me. We shared consciousness together:”
Rosa and Anabelle- *in breathy tones* “And I looooooved it!”

On Sargon and Thalassa possessing Kirk and Mulhall for a last kiss:
“I don't wanna see that again.”
*Much huffing by both*

On the farewell:
Thalassa- “Oblivion together does not frighten me, beloved. Promise we'll be together.”
Sargon- “I promise, beloved.”
Thalassa- “Together forever.”
Sargon – “Forever beloved. Forever.”
Anabelle *singing* “For-eeeeeeever- and Eeeeeever”
*Breaks into “We Go Together” from Grease.*

On an alternate Mom Title:
“This one should have been
‘Hey Hey I'm a Vulcan, Suck It - The Musical.’”

Patterns of Force - Mom Title:"Space Nazis"

On Kirk and Spock’s initial appearance:
Rosa- “They’re wearing earth people clothes?”
Anabelle – “I remember that hat.”

On yet another literal Mom Title:
“Oh my God.  I wasn't expecting actual Space Nazis.”

On Kirk and Spock’s arrest by the woman who would later help them:
Daras- “Quiet. Hands in the air,”
Rosa- *Singing* “Like you just don’t care.”

On knowing what happens with Kirk’s idols:
“I bet the Fuhrer is John Gill.”

On Kirk’s pronunciations:
“He needs speech therapy.”

On the crew’s stolen disguises:
“Aaaannd now they're Nazis.”

On Spock being told to remove his helmet:
“Oh God… Wait, maybe he has a hat on under it.

On Nazi’s torturing them for information:
“Whipping again, what the heck?
Ooh, those lipstick marks must hurt.”

On Kirk and Spock cutting the transponders out of their arms:
“Why are they cutting themselves, what the heck?”
*laser fires*
“That wouldn’t work at all.”

On hearing say Uletta is dead:
Anabelle- “Who's Ulette?”
*the reveal she’s Isak’s fiancée who was shot down in the streets*
“Oh.  OH.  OOOH!!!”
*Isak still refuses Abrom wanting to turn our heroes away because* "If we adopt the ways of the Nazis, we're as bad as the Nazis.”
Anabelle- “I like him”

On Daras coming in and shooting Abrom:
“No. NO!”
*The ruse and test is revealed*
“Wait isn't he dead?”

On Captain Kirk, Nazi documentary maker:
“That’s a nice plan. I like that plan.”

On Uhura’s voice appearing on the communicator:
*they request McCoy in a Gestapo uniform*
“She’s probably like, ‘What?!?’ After she hangs up”

On Kirk and company getting caught by Eneg:
Anabelle- “Well darn!”
*They pretend McCoy is drunk and it works*
Anabelle – “What!”
Rosa – “Maybe Eneg is with the underground?”
Anabelle – “Maybe he is?”  *Eneg leaves* “Nah.”
Rosa – *snickers*
Anabelle – “Eneg looks like the Twilight Zone guy.”

On Melakon’s, “I now announce the glorious final solution:”
*Gasp* “Nooo!  I know that one”

On finding John Gill:
Anabelle- “He’s dead, Jim.”
McCoy –“Definitely drugged, almost comatose.”
Anabelle- “Oh. yay.”

On Kirk injecting Gill with more stimulants after Bones said it could kill him:
Anabelle- “For shame Captain!”
Me- “McCoy left the syringe for him.”
Anabelle- “Ah.”

On Melakon using, “definitely an inferior race,” to describe Spock:
Rosa –*giggles bordering on hysteria*
Anabelle – “That’s offensive. I think Spock is bored.”
Rosa and Anabelle- "Spock’s going to hit him."

On Isak taking out Melakon after he shoots Gill:
“Nice shot! YEAH!”

On John Gill saying, “I was wrong. The non-interference Directive is the only way:”
“Gee, ya think?
 I'm stunned.”

On Eneg and Daras taking the lead on healing their planet after Gill passes:
Rosa – “Hey, can you go die a little over there. I need to talk to the people.”

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