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Treklets Season 2.9

By Any Other Name - Mom Title: "Scotty Drinks a Kelvan Under the Table"

On the beaming down of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, a female Yeoman and a Security Red Shirt:
Rosa- “That guy's going to die.”

On Rojan’s threat, “You humans must face the end of your existence as you have known it:”
Anabelle- “That’s fun.”

On Rojan referring to their bodies as “shells:”
“What, they don't actually look like that?”

On Kirk remembering a mind probe on Eminiar Seven:
Anabelle- “I remember that one!  It was through the wall!
I bet it's not gonna work this time.”
*It doesn’t*
Anabelle- “I was right.”
*Kirk knocks her out the old fashioned way*
Rosa- “He hit a woman.”
Anabelle – “She's not a…well she sorta is. I like her shoes.”

On Rojan turning the security guy and yeoman into Styrofoam and crushing one:
Rosa – “Of course it’s that one.”
Anabelle – “At least it’s not Leslie again.”
*They reveal the yeoman was killed*
Anabelle –“Noooo!  Shoot, they killed Janet.”

On Spock’s description of, “Immense beings, a hundred limbs which resemble tentacles. Minds of such control and capacity that each limb is capable of performing a different function:”
Anabelle- “They're octopuses?”

On Spock’s trance to feign illness:
Anabelle- “Oh my God, that did not take a while.”
McCoy- “it's a flare-up of Rigelian Kassaba Fever.”
Anabelle- “What the heck? Seriously, they bought that?”

On Kirk quoting Shakespeare, “A rose by any other name:”
Anabelle- “Oh there it is – Title Drop!”

On Rojan ordering speed increased to Warp Eleven:

On the “Captain’s Log” occurring while he’s in the command chair concerning blowing up the ship:
Anabelle- “How is he logging, he’s not talking.
He’s not going to blow up the ship anyway, there’s a whole other season and bunch of movies before that happens.”
Rosa- “Maybe it doesn't work.”

On the old, non-enhanced ship flying through the barrier effects:

On the Kelvans starting the neutralizing operation:
Anabelle - “The what!
No no no no.”
*they zap Uhura*
Anabelle- “Aaaah!”
*they zap Chekov*
Rosa and Anabelle- “Aaaah!”
*they zap Leslie*
“He was already dead”
*they show the hall filled with Styrofoam things*
Rosa and Anabelle - “Aaaah!”
Rojan – “Do you not agree that this is better thing for them than exploding the ship as your engineer had thought to do?”
Anabelle- *GASP!* “He knew about that?”

On Spock, McCoy, Scotty and Kirk being the only four essential personnel:
“Woo woo! I knew it.”

On Kirk watching the Kelvan enjoy food and realizing they aren’t used to human reactions:
“He has a plan!” *rubs hands together*
“I bet Spock feels bad for them.”

On Scotty jumping into action, “I can think of one way right off:”
Anabelle- “Is he going to punch him?”
Scotty- “Have you ever tried any Saurian brandy?”
Anabelle- “Oh God.” *giggles uncontrollably*

On Kirk’s, “Well, there are better things for men and women to do” *kiss*:
Anabelle- “Oh geeze, they should have given Spock the girl.”
Kalinda - “Is there some significance to this action? “
Anabelle - “Bwa ha ha. Crash and burn.”

On Kalinda asking why humans build such a mystique around a simple biological function:
Anabelle- “’Cause we're weird.”
*Rojan walks in after Kalinda asks to try a kiss*
Anabelle- “Awk-ward!”

On Spock teasing Rojan about Kirk and Kalinda while kicking his butt at 3D chess ending with “Checkmate:”
Rosa and Anabelle- “Peals of derisive laughter”

On Kalinda telling Kirk humans are overly preoccupied with the biological functions:
Anabelle- “Especially him.”
Kalinda- “I was wondering, would you please apologize to me again?”
Rosa -*evil giggle*
Anabelle – “Yeah!”

On Spock really digging into Rojan about Kirk and Kalinda:
Spock- “It would appear, sir, that you have little control over her. Or perhaps Captain Kirk has more.”
Rosa- “Uh oh!”
Anabelle- “Oooooh snap.”

On Scotty leaving after putting Tomar right under the table:
“He's gonna pass out isn't he?
Aaaannd there he goes.”

On Kirk slapping Rojan until he attacks him:
Rosa- *continued evil laughter*
Kirk- “Why don't you use your paralyzer?”
Anabelle- “That’s a good idea.”

On Rojan asking, “You would really do that? You would extend welcome to invaders?”
Anabelle- “Yup, ‘cause we're weird.”

On Kalinda saying, “I believe I owe you an apology,” to Rojan:
Anabelle- “Oh God, another one.”
Rosa- “Heh heh” *suggestive* “oh.”

On Rojan returning control to the Captain and Kirk’s final line, “Turn the ship around, we’re going home:”
Anabelle- “And how about bringing everyone back to life too. Geeze!”

The Omega Glory - Mom Title: "Yangs and Kohms"

On the appearance of Omega 4:
“It’s Earrrrth!”

On the appearance of Kirk Spock and McCoy in the landing party:
“How come the three of them are all going into danger again?”

On the appearance of security guy Galloway in the landing party:
“Bet you he dies.”

On the crystalline remains of the USS Exeter:
Anabelle- “It’s the salt vampire!”
Me- “The salts are left behind.”
Anabelle- “It’s the pepper vampire!”

On McCoy’s calculations:
“How can there be thirty five percent potassium and eighteen percent carbon if we’re ninety-six percent water?”

On Captain Tracey’s order to arrest the crew:
Anabelle- “Lock up the sandwiches?”
Me- “He said, ‘Lock up the savages.’”
Anabelle- “Ah.”

On Tracey’s pre-opening credits line, “You'll stay alive only as long as you stay here. None of us will ever leave this planet:”
Anabelle- “It's Star Trek they'll find a way.”
Rosa- “Bum bum Buuum!!”

On Kirk stating, “A star captain's most solemn oath is that he will give his life, even his entire crew, rather than violate the Prime Directive,” in his log:
Anabelle- “I thought Kirk said, ‘Screw the prime directive. Let's talk to people.’”

On Kirk’s logging rhythms:
“There shouldn't be a pause there.”

On Kirk referring to Captain Tracey as “the fool” twice in one scene:
“We've already established that.”

On Galloway being stabbed by a lance:
Anabelle- “Told you he’d die.”
Me- “He’s only injured”
*Tracey phasers Galloway*
Anabelle- “HA!”

On Captain Tracey’s initial meeting and delivery:
“I like his voice, it’s very intimidating.”
*Tracey reveals more of himself and his plans*
“He's an idiot.”

On learning Wu has seen forty-two years of the red bird, which occurs every eleven years:
Rosa - “Whoah.”
Anabelle- “Hey!   Um…
Maybe people there just have long lifespans.”

On the reuse of the fight music from “Amok Time:”
Rosa and Anabelle- *start head banging*

On the jail construction:
“The bars are made of foam craft pipes.”

On McCoy’s scathing, “Leave medicine to medical men, Captain. You found no fountain of youth here. People live longer here now because it's natural for them to,” delivered to Captain Tracey:
Anabelle- “That's what I said.
Woo Woo!”

On Kirk and company rising to their feet when the American Flag is brought in to the Yang compound:
“They stand up ‘cause they're great.”

On Cloud William preaching with his hand over his heart, “Aypledgli ianectu flaggen tupep kile for stahn:”
Anabelle- “It's the pledge of allegiance!!!!!!!”

On the “Picture of Spock” version of the bible:
“It's Satan!!!    Aaaah!
Of course it's bookmarked.
Gotta keep this page on hand in case the devil walks in here someday.”

On the elder saying, “There is a way,” to tell good from evil:
Anabelle- “Fight to the death.”
Later- Cloud William- “The fight is done when one is dead.”
Anabelle- “I was right. This is suspenseful.”

On Sulu beaming down with Lt. Leslie as one of the security guards:
“He's still not dead, huh?”

On Kirk’s giant over the top speech containing, “Look at these three words written larger than the rest, with a special pride never written before or since. Tall words proudly saying We The People:”
Anabelle- “THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!”
Kirk- “That which you call Ee'd Plebnista was not written for the chiefs or the kings or the warriors or the rich and powerful, but for all the people!”
Anabelle-  “He's getting really political. Woo! Preach!”

On Spock questioning, “But does our involvement here also constitute a violation of the Prime Directive?”
Anabelle- “Nah, See?”
*the shot cuts to the flag*
Anabelle- “It’s fine.”

The Ultimate Computer - Mom Title: "Captain Dunsel"

On learning from Commodore Wesley the security requirements for the M-5 is, “none:”
Anabelle- “Ooh scary.”

On Daystrom’s introduction:
“I'm betting the "villain" of this episode is that guy.”

On Kirk saying his instincts are giving him a “red alert right here” about the M-5:
Anabelle- “In his neck?”

On Kirk asking, “You have my psychological profiles. Am I afraid of losing my job to that computer?” to McCoy:
Anabelle- “Yes or wouldn't be taking about it.”

On Daystrom’s jumpsuit:
Rosa – “Why are they trusting the whole ship to an Imagination Mover?”

On Sulu and Chekov sitting next to each other:
Rosa and Anabelle- “OOH!  Huzzah!”

On Geologist Carstairs being on his first tour of duty:
“He’s probably going to die.”

On Kirk and McCoy classified as non-essential personnel:
“That's rude.”

On Daystrom’s early ravings how much better the M-5 is than the ship’s computers he designed:
“What's the matter with him? He's freaky.”

On Spock’s stance on serving under computers versus humans:
Spock – “Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them. Captain the starship also runs on loyalty to one man, and nothing can replace it, or him:”
Anabelle- “Woo woo!  Preach!”

On Captain Dunsel:
McCoy- “Who in the blazes is Captain Dunsel?”
Anabelle – “Yeah, Who the blazes is Captain Dunsel?”
Spock – “Dunsel, Doctor, is a term used by midshipmen at Starfleet Academy. It refers to a part which serves no useful purpose.”
Anabelle – “What the heck?”
Rosa – “That's rude.”

On McCoy coming to Jim’s cabin with a food tray:
Anabelle- “What's that? Alcohol?”
McCoy- “…I make a Finagle's Folly that's known from here to Orion.”
Anabelle- “Yup.”

On M-5 zapping the security guard:
“Aaaah! That was weird!”

On Kirk calling his officers, “Spock, Scotty, come with me,” to come with him to figure out how to stop the M-5:
Anabelle- *pretends to play banjo and sings* “Why can't we be friends?”

On the word selections of Spock:
McCoy- “Please, Spock, do me a favor and don't say it's fascinating."
Spock- “No. But it is interesting.”
Anabelle – “I was gonna say that.”

On learning the use of engrams has made the M-5 a mirror image of Daystrom’s mind:
“That's not good. His mind is scary.”

On the levels of the M-5s creator’s mind:
Daystrom - “We will survive. Nothing can hurt you. I gave you that. You are great. I am great. Twenty years of groping to prove the things I'd done before were not accidents…”
Anabelle- “He's going evil isn't he?”
Daystrom- “Destroyed, Kirk? No. We're invincible. Look what we've done. Your mighty starships, four toys to be crushed as we choose.”
Anabelle- “And… there he goes.”
*Spock neck pinches Daystrom*
Rosa - *evil giggle*

On Kirk’s patented verbal beat down of the M-5:
M-5- “Murder is contrary to the laws of man and God.”
Anabelle -“What the heck?”
Kirk- “What is the penalty for murder?”
M-5- “Death.”
Kirk- “And how will you pay for your acts of murder?”
M-5- “This unit must die.” *powers down*
Anabelle- “Did it just turn off because captain Kirk is awesome?  That's impressive.”

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