Thursday, December 14, 2017

2017 Holiday Parade Festivities

Welcome to the 2017 Psycho Pirate’s “I Wish I Was in Jeff’s Village” Action Figure and Hess Truck Extravaganza! Coming to you Live (ish) from Anabelle’s Really Cool Traditional Christmas Village; hosted by yours truly, Anabelle McGinley.

[Note from Jeff- For the full effect, imagine Anabelle reading her composition in a, and I quote, "schnazzy announcer voice."  Back to you kiddo.]

Now as I’m sure you know, this year’s “Jeff’s G.I. Joe Village” brought the Justice League and their DC buddies to the plateau. However, not all the heroes (or villains) made the cut. So the second, now annual, Christmas Parade is centered around the DCU characters tragically declined a moment in the sun. I tried desperately to get my father to allow them to join, but to no avail.

Wait! Here it comes! Without further ado, may I present PP”IWIWIJV”AFAHTE! 

Wow; that’s a long acronym.

Leading the way, we’ve got the small 2009 race car, accompanied by the 2004 and 2007 motorbike squads. Right behind them is the 2015 mini-fire truck hosting Speedy! Speedy wanted to join his best pal Green Arrow on the front lines, but was deemed “unnecessary” by Jeff. 
For shame!

Up next we have the 2013 Plow Holder! On this float, we have iconic Duos Fire and Ice and Hawk and Dove! These two pairs were split apart by Jeff during selection, and it took quite a bit of digging to reunite them. Now, they stand together, still just as upset that they are not wanted.

And let’s say hello to the 2008 Snow Plow Carrier! Jeff usually snags this truck, but it was tired of working for Cobra. It’s a shame we couldn’t save the 2007 Monster Truck as well (nudge nudge, Daddy). Anyway, riding here we have Vigilante and Wonder Girl, who were flat-out declined to join the battle. Also here are Justice League Unlimited buddies: Huntress and Question! 

While Huntress was given “the boot” earlier on, Question just about made it to the plateau. That is, until Jeff looked past his general awesomeness and decided that he “had no real use.”

Following them we have the 2004 40th anniversary SUV. 
Say howdy to Elongated Man, Blue Devil, and The Creeper. 
Looks like a fun group, right? 
Well, they may be fun, but they “don’t belong” in this year’s village. Elongated Man was the most crushed, which lead to much pointless persuasion.

Over here you can see the 2014 50th Anniversary Space Cruiser and Scout. Only Big Barda and Dr. Light ride on this one. These beauties tried very hard to get in on the action, but, truth be told, they are kind of random. Still, Dr. Light is really cool, and Big Barda could sweep through and kick all of Cobra’s butts. 
Oh well, who am I to judge these decisions?

The next float is the 2003 Race Car Storage. Kicking off the villain section is a Manhunter and Black Manta, who gave it their all to be included. Also on this float is Darkseid, a finalist for main villain. 
However, his massive imagination and plan scope would be too vast for Jeff’s ideas.

The 2016 Dragster now approaches, with Copperhead and Gentleman Ghost walking along. I happen to like these guys, but Jeff only wanted a couple of villains. 

They were crushed.

Nearing the end of the parade, we can see the 2009 Big Race Car, sheltering Tala and Star Sapphire. They’re not always bad, but they are deserving of some fun times at the battle. Apparently, they weren’t cool enough to make it to the secret underground cave.
(Which, by the way, was my idea… just saying.)

And now folks, comes the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The tall man in a red suit, wearing boots, and riding on the 2015 Firetruck. You guessed it, folks…..
Psycho Pirate!!!! This villain was the most devastated out of everyone. I tried as hard as I could to get him out there, but he just “wasn’t the right choice.” So, he decided that organizing a parade would be the second best thing, and here we are. Escorting him are the 2005 Mini Rescue Car, the 2012 Emergency Car, and the 2003 Racers.

Well, that’s all for the parade! Ho ho ho and a merry…

What’s this? What’s this? Why, it's the Marvel Holiday Actors performing The Nightmare Before Christmas! (Casting by Anabelle)

Mysterio as The Mayor (his head changes)
Jack’o’Lantern as Jack Skellington (the PUMPKIN king)
Mystique as Sally (blue with red hair)
Professor X as Dr. Finklestein (wheelchair, scientist)
Dazzler as Mrs. Dr. Finklestein (female; this one took a lot of convincing)
Daredevil as Lock (red and is a devil)
Enchantress as Shock (green and is a witch)
Punisher as Barrel (there’s a skull on his shirt)
Grey Hulk as the Oogie Boogie Man (grey and large)
And the triumphant return of Mule with a Hat on as Zero! (why not?)

Merry Christmas!!!
This is Anabelle… signing off. :)

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