Thursday, September 10, 2020

Batlets Season 3 Part 7

 “The Great Escape / The Great Train Robbery”

On how everyone knows Frontier Fanny is with Shame:
When did he meet her?” 

On the “horsepower” gag:
“I was promised 325 horses. That… is a tank.” 

On seeing the MET museum Hippo on Barbara’s shelf:
“William!!! I forgot.” 

On Batman using a tape recording to answer the red phone when Bruce is otherwise engaged:
"I love that the Commish is so predictable they could do this.” 

On Bruce stating it’s not right that Barbara is alone in her apartment:
“What are you suggesting Batman?” 

On the line being used that things are “going batty:
“Scriptwriter high five!” 

On reading the exchange message from Shame:
“If you can’t do a country accent don’t read with one.” 

On bringing in a Native American with the questionably dressed cowboys:
Oh my God it’s the Village People.” 

On Shame’s misunderstanding of himself:
"Did he say just say that ‘It’s not as if I'm a character for an old time western movie?” 

On Barbara’s quick changes:
“Maybe the person who was in the room two minutes ago has an affiliation with Batgirl?” 

On the use of filters:
“Ooh. Night footage.” 

On Jerry Mathers’ uncredited cameo:
Me- “It’s the Beaver.”
Anabelle- “I have no idea what that means.” 

On Batgirl grabbing an unusual object in the Bat-fight:
"She hit him with an ax!” 

On the opera singer named Fortissimo Fra Diavolo:
"'Cause that’s a name… And yet it suits him.” 

On the Batfight not covering doubles at all:
“That was Ernesto. They didn’t even try.” 

On Batman and Robin being dosed with fear gas:
"How did they drive back? I wanna see that.” 

On Shame using the phrase “Good Squa:"
Why did they include that?
To distract me from noticing a wanted criminal buying an acetylene torch no doubt.” 

On Batman announcing, “We’ve got Fanny:”
*Uncontrolled giggling* 

On things in the gun store:
Me- “It’s Arnold Stang!!”
Anabelle- “The bear in a cowboy hat scares me.” 

On hearing roping instructions:
Anabelle- “Isn’t tie me to the moose a song?”
Rosa- “That’s ‘Fly Me to the Moon.” 

On drinking Whisky with a straw:
“That’s a power move.” 

On Shame’s well-spoken associate, Fred:
Anabelle- “Fred is Awesome!”
Me- “And the Chamberlain.” 

On the line, “Get away from my Fanny:”
*Falls off couch* 

On Standing Pat’s Native American dance:
Me- “What the hell is he doing?”
Anabelle- “I wasn’t going to mention it.”
*it continues*
Anabelle- “Stop tribal dancing.” 

On the fight in the Central American pavilion:
"Piñata attack!”
*the bad guys get away*
“All is not lost…we have milk duds.” 

On Batman remembering Shame said something about a great train robbery:
“Because he wouldn’t shut up about it.
I was right. The train with money leaving today!
I was a scriptwriter in a previous life...
Or this show is really predictable.” 

On Fred’s elegant speech:
“Somebody got to the thesaurus this morning.
Fred definitely works for Scotland Yard.” 

On the plan for Batman and Shame to face off in the ghost town:
“Know what would be funny?
If all the criminals showed up at once and kicked Batman’s butt.” 

On Fred talking directly to the audience:
“What is that guy’s deal?” 

On the suspenseful final gun/ batarang fight show down:
“I’m gonna fall asleep. This is why I don’t watch westerns.” 

On them not mentioning Fred in the jail at the end:
“He’s definitely a secret agent.”
 “I'll Be A Mummy's Uncle”
On the credits:
“Why is Batgirl in quotes? 
Is she an alien?"

On all the pipes in the Batcave:
“Ooh! They got plumbing.”

On making a “prose and cons” joke:
“Poetry isn’t Prose.”

On King Tut declaring turkey legs are his favorite fruit:
“That’s not right.”

On Robin suggesting Tut being cured permanently, settling down, and building a house:
“Ever the optimist, Robin.”

On Batman checking the Bat-seismic monitor:
“That we had installed for this episode.”

On the metal called “Battanium:”
“Wait, we’re going to just gloss over that?”

On Robin’s interesting running style:
Anabelle- “Robin, what are you doing?”
Rosa- *laughs*

On the minecart tunnel:
“This is the best way to enter the Batcave, weeeee!”

On Robin running again:
Rosa- *sing song* “dun dun dun dun dundundun.”

On King Tut reaching the Batcave:

On Tut telling Batman not to waste time with old clichés:
“Batman looks so sad.”

On Batman calling Tut an “Overstuffed and unlikely pharaoh:”
“Wreck him Batman!
I think I wrote the script for this episode.”

On Batman hitting a high note to make the rock fall on Tut’s head:
“There’s no way his voice was above high C.”

On the Gotham Police force showing up:
“Does Chief O’Hara have anything to do?
 Or does he stand there all day?”

On the promo for “The Joker’s Flying Saucer”
“Legit aliens?”

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