Monday, September 7, 2020

E-Dorm Life- Index

Performing college searches for my daughter (AAAH!) and a truly awesome birthday gift led me to remembering a bunch of elements from my college days at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, particularly the years in the infamous E-Dorms. 


Another fantastic blogger had the most accurate definition of college I have seen in a while:

“College is supposed to be about the classes and the degree. But when I look back to my college days, the classes feel kind of like the subplot.”

Yes, Real Genius was an amazing documentary, but the majority of these posts will be more about the peripheral activities than the academics, though they sneak in too.

Apologies to anyone I may have slighted by reducing their influence or appearance in any of these events.  My daughter's definition of all of these adventures occurring in "the cave man days" is not too far off the mark.

E-Dorm Life (links will go live each Monday as they post):


How Not To Stage a Protest

Social Life Vs Slapstick

Shared Classes

The Batcraft


WRPI Part 1

WRPI Part 2

WRPI Part 3

Juggling Disasters 

Juggling Brushes With Fame

Ending of Sorts

The Real Ending

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E-DormLife Prequels:

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