Monday, January 3, 2022

E-Dorm Life- Prequel: Bray Days Index

This idea started as a paragraph long introduction to the RPI E-Dorm stories with the intention of containing quick highlights to some First Year adventures occurring before we moved into the dorm we lived in the remaining college years. 
Luckily, I had a burst of sanity as I saw that paragraph expand almost as quickly as the entire main set of writings. Therefore, I let it sit and churn in my head to ferment a while, and came back to it at this later date. It has evolved into well over twenty pages, including more than a few items about later college years that I missed before.
Here’s the index, the links will go live as they post.

The names may or may not make any sense, and could likely change as they go up. 
I’ll have to figure them out on the fly, as writing with post structure in mind was a total failure. Free form meandering is the only way my brain allows things to release.

Hereis a link to the E-Dorm life stories for the rest of our collegiate adventures at RPI

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