Thursday, September 24, 2020

Batlets Season 3 Part 8

“The Joker's Flying Saucer” 

On the Commissioner’s phone call:
“It’s Bonnie. Yes!!!”

On the appearance of Fritz Feld:
“Ooh! The popping waiter guy!”

On the “Martian” Verdigris:
“He’s so glittery!”

On the police realizing they need experienced help:
“That’s not us. Nope, not at all.”

On the Martian and Joker’s gang being all in green.
“We should have watched this yesterday on Saint Patrick’s Day.”

On learning Gotham City has laws about meeting aliens:
“Of course.”

On the reveal of the Batcave’s Current Criminal Activity Bat-Discloser:
“Mm hmmm”

On yelling, “To the Batmobile!” while in the Batcave:
“Dude, It’s right there!”

On Joker believing Alfred is a Mad Scientist:
“Doesn’t he know Alfred? Doesn’t everyone know Alfred now?”

On Batgirl Strapped to a rocket:
“It’s Buzz Lightyear!”

On Batgirl saved by the “automatic fuse extinguisher:"
“But of course.”

On Joker’s whole gang fitting in the flying saucer:
“Did he build a TARDIS?”

On our heroes heading to the Joker’s lair:
“Activate Bat theme footage!”

On the saucer taking an odd route in orbit around Earth:
“A detour by the sun?  That’s quite a detour.”

On the space flight going beyond the third season budget:
“I smell a voice over”

On the Joker’s appearance:
Abuelita- *something in Spanish*
Anabelle- “She likes the Joker’s eyebrows.”

On using both actors and stunt men in the final Bat-fight:
“Who are all those extra men?”

On the report of a strange happening at “Spiffanies” Jewelers:
*Spit take*

“The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra”

On Doctor Cassandra’s avocation:
“Another alchemist? Disgusting.”

On the moneybag carried by an invisible criminal:
“There’s definitely not a string there.”

On the narrator’s observation that there’s “Less here than meets the eye:”
“Because she’s invisible. ha. ha ha. ha.”

On Cassandra’s lab:
“She has a lot of cool stuff.”

On Cassandra’s family curse causing all her ancestor’s deaths:
“That’s awkward.”

On using invisible criminals:
“So they don’t have to pay anyone. Convenient.”

On Cassandra’s accessories:
“Her purse is a fish. I want one.”

On the portable Batphone, that is an exact miniature of the regular phone:
*Hysterical laughter* 
“It has a tiny little cord. That’s beautiful.”

On Batman and Robin being flattened (again):
*Bad guys make “Getting flat” and “What a putty" jokes*
Anabelle- *Smacks me*
“Have you ever read Flat Stanley? He turned out fine.”

On the police talking about contacting, “The one who answers Batman’s phone:”
“You mean the one who sounds exactly like Bruce Wayne’s butler? Yeah let’s try him.”

On Alfred being disguised by a fake goatee and a hat:
“Uh huh. Disguised.”

On Anabelle not being phased at all by the old hippies:
Me- “Oh yeah. She’s used to old hippies, because they are now.”

On the unleashing of six Bat-villains, only seen from the back:
“Who is that, all of them?
Wait they’re not turning around. They only got their stunt doubles?"
*See’s Catwoman is caucasian*
"They got the OLD CATWOMAN’S stunt double?”

On Batman using the “Special Escaped Arch Criminal Batlocator:”
“Of course you are… Why haven’t you used it before?”

On spraying Bat-sleep on Batgirl to bring her into the Batcave:
Rosa- “They didn’t spray it anywhere near her.”
*Batman and Robin talk about Batgirl’s attractiveness*
Anabelle- “Creepy creepy creepy.”

On the Batfight against invisible enemies:
Oh they’re gonna die.
This is going well.”
*The trio of heroes turn out the lights to even the odds*
“There is no way that worked.”

“Minerva, Mayhem And Millionaires”

On Bruce crediting his good shape to falconry and “Speeelunking:”
*convulsive hysterics*

On Producer Howie Horowitz's cameo stating he’s successful because he ignored network executives:
“Wreck them!
Go out with a full swing in the last episode.”

On the Commissioner’s talking about ping pong:
“Wuss. No wonder you always call Batman.”

On Bruce finding Minerva, “Beautiful and worth investigating:”

On Bruce saying Batman is a close friend of his:
“Uh huh?”

On Minerva stealing right in front of Bruce:
“Are the jewels fake?
He knows she’s stealing them right?.
But then, Batman is a fool.”

On Bruce admitting him ashamed of his suspicions of Minerva:
“He’s so useless.”

On Batman opening a safe he’d never seen in three seconds flat because he has the
"Three Seconds Flat Bat Vault Combination Unscrambler:"
*Golf clap*

On the butler’s double, double life:
“It would be a lot easier if Alfred told Batgirl he had a secret part time job with Batman.”

On the final Batfight:
*Burt Ward is featured*
“Bring back Ernesto!”
*stunts happen*
“The last sound effect in the show is, ‘Splett?’”

On the Commissioner leaving arm in arm with Minerva:
“Commissioner, what is wrong with you?

On the series ending after that, and one final, “Batman and Robin wonder who Batgirl is:”

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