Monday, January 11, 2021 Star Wars: Solo


Solo has a bunch of great elements as:
A Star Wars film
A heist film,
And a Ron Howard film.  

It's a real shame it got heavily penalized both critically and financially, primarily due to:
"He's not Harrison Ford."

Yes, I count the giant space squid living next to a black hole as a Ron Howard thing. 
It may be from watching Willow too frequently I'm not sure.

Solo is a fun ride, with danger and excitement all along the way. The new characters add to the mythology, and Han, Chewie and Lando are played in ways that lead up to the world views they have when we meet them in the classic trilogy, before their interactions with the rest of the main cast affect them.

I thought it was interesting that, while his on screen feelings were undeniable, I didn't have an overly emotional response to the first time Han flew the Falcon.
However, when Chewie finally sat next to him and they started working together, communicating wordlessly- that got me choked up a little.  

Seeing more adventures of this crowd would be fun too. Here's hoping Ron Howard gets another shot at it.  He was mentored by George Lucas on Willow after all. 
And after seeing her episodes of The Mandalorian, Bryce Dallas Howard should do a boatload of more Star Wars too!

This has been my second opportunity to talk about this movie, yet I still don't have much to bring up.  It's a solid and entertaining film that fits in the Star Wars Universe, whether viewed as an actual back story, or an in universe homage to one of the Galaxy's heroes.  Through all manner of story swerves, it shows Han beginning the transition from who he claimed to be when we first met him, to what he ultimately becomes. I could write more but it would boil down to repeats of, "Hey! This was a fun call back (forward) thing to something in the Star Wars films!" and, "Hey! This was a cool new thing that fit well into the Star Wars universe!"

This film does stand out as the only one in all of live action Star Wars that directly brings up Droid Rights.  Considering Droids are clearly shown as sentient as well as capable of emotions and learning, the fact that they're completely viewed as non-persons by most people, including many of the heroes, is kind of horrifying. Battle Droids wanting no part of the combat they're assigned to is frequently played for laughs in film and television appearances.  In Star Wars when Artoo gets explodified saving the day yet again on the Death Star trench  run, Threepio understandably freaks out, Luke is clearly distressed...

While Leia and Han are like, "Eh, you'll get another vacuum cleaner kid, lets go celebrate."

I'm thinking following the end of the Empire and First Order, a Massive Droid Uprising will be the next major war across the galaxy, and it will be a lot more ambiguous as to who the good guys are.

Maybe that will turn the Star Wars universe into the Dune universe?  
They both have desert planets, hyperspace/ folded space-time,  and spice.  
The Butlerian Jihad may push it over the edge.

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