Monday, January 18, 2021 Star Wars: Rogue One

This is a good film, Star Wars or otherwise. I talked about it before (click here for more in depth thoughts.)  In fact, being unencumbered by the emotional impact of a theatrical release when she was seven, this is Anabelle's favorite Star Wars film.

It is deeply set in the mythology and environments of Star Wars, however, it has more grown up themes, ideas and situations.

Adults who want their own Star Wars should be happy with this and let the kids of each generation have their own.
Sorry, done with one of my favorite particular soap boxes for the time being.

Overall it works as call backs to the original film's environs and characters for those who came to it in release order, but it also works as a admirable lead in to Star Wars, only spoiling a few points of the original film.

Like any of this type of movie (Predator for example,) the only downside is that we meet this amazing and entertaining cast, then lose them all before the final credits roll.  The Cassian and K2-SO show will be fun (And Anabelle is insanely thrilled about it as they are her two favorite characters), but I can't help feeling there will be a shadow over it the whole time, as we know where they end up.

Not much else to say, except it demonstrated how lucky the Empire was on Hoth that the regular rebel starfighters couldn't handle the cold.  Those X-wings were popping AT-ATs like big metal walking zits in this one.  I'll talk more next time about how seeing this first can change the tone of some scenes in Star Wars.


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