Monday, January 4, 2021 Star Wars: Episode III

The opening of Revenge of the Sith is some high quality, fun and exciting Star Wars stuff.  The Clone Wars cartoon showed how much good material there could have been for more live action adventures there.  It's a shame the prequels were spread across as wide a time period as they were and we didn't get more of this.

Once again, Star Wars technology drives the plot.  There are galaxy spanning, real time, holographic communications, but the recordings of the Chancellor taking credit for child slaying  isn't broadcast anywhere, and none of his multiple other confessions to evil seem to be recorded.  

Wait, one was wasn't it? (in the Jedi temple) 

You'd think if they can broadcast the "Stay Away" signal, they could send that little holo-clip to "Coruscant News Network."  
I'm over thinking these again, aren't I?

Anakin's choices and changes seem rather...abrupt...even for him.  It lends weight to the Sith mind control/ possession aspect of the Rule of Two that showed up in Rise of Skywalker.

This and many other character decisions reinforces the idea of watching the movies in release order, not in universe chronological order.  Knowing the inevitability of where it has to end makes it easier to gloss over the lack of logical progression in some cases.

I've got the least to say about the prequels, but that's not a comment on their quality.  (Maybe.)  As a seven year old when they started, the originals were mine. Being spearheaded by other folks who were seven(ish) at the time, the sequels have moments that reach out to me. (And I've only seen them a couple times so I notice more new stuff.)  George Lucas made the prequels specifically for the new batch of Star Wars they should be.  Too bad they got such a dark ending. 

We had Vader "Hunted down the Jedi" in our heads as this epic quest where he'd find each one after an exciting search and battle them in a one on one duel. Instead, the films showed Jedi mowed down by mind controlled clone armies while Vader took out a temple full of children and a meeting of corporate executives.  No wonder that generation latched onto the Clone Wars cartoon as THEIR Star Wars.

While not my favorites, I have to admire that the prequel trilogy was clearly created with a singular vision of the story it was going to tell from beginning to end.  The other two trilogies have much more of an "adjustments on the fly" feel to them.

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