Thursday, August 11, 2022

Not a Miss but a Marvel

 I was not the target audience for this show...

and that's fine.

I still enjoyed it a great deal because it was set in a world where they know me well.

They are going to continue to crank out "Teen girl comes of age and rebels against what she feels are overly strict parents to define who she is" stories as long as there are teen girls (and former teen girls) who watch television.

It is the same way it is inevitable there will continue to be a parade of God-awful modern day Cinderella adaptations.

As long as I'm going to have to sit through this kind of thing sometimes, its fantastic that it takes place in a universe I enjoy and know the ins and outs of.

This was an overall fun show. It was also a well constructed and in depth origin story done straight, which we haven't had in the MCU for a while.

I found it interesting that, on the one hand, I learned things about a culture I had almost no previous knowledge of.
Yet, on the other hand, there were family moments, celebrations and interactions that could have easily taken place in any Italian or Latin family I am familiar with.

It was a typical teen girl coming of age tale. However, due to the world its set in, the inclusion of super powers, time travel and alternate dimensions (which are different than alternate universes) added cool variables into what would be a standard story. 

Given this was an origin story it was a slow roll out on the powers, but the other inclusions kept it interesting. The the unveiling of full powers at the climax was awesome.

There was a very cool inclusion, since this is a family based story. (This may be in the comic, or it may not. I can't read everything you know.)

Kamala viewed her parents as overprotective and not letting her do anything at the start of the show. They were to an extent. However, she learned that all good parents have huge amounts of pride in seeing what their children can accomplish, and will provide them love and support in their endeavors.

I thought it was incredibly sweet that her official superhero costume was made by her mother, and her superhero name was coined by her father. 

Looking forward to more.
Not every Marvel story has to be steeped in tragedy and loss. This was a show that remembers superheroes are supposed to be all about fun wish fulfillment.

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