Thursday, August 4, 2022

House of Frankenstein Through a "Kid's" Eyes

The first of the big "Monster Mash" films with the Big Three, plus some other familiar looking references.

We almost went out of order here in this three movie year, because Rosa wanted to know how the heck the Mummy returned again. 

Boris Karloff is back! This time he's a human "monster," the mad scientist Doctor Neimann
And he is awesome and terrifying without any Jack Peirce masterpiece glued to cover his whole face.

On the title:
Rosa- "What's the name of this one?"
Me- "House of Frankenstein."
Rosa- "The wagon says, 'Dracula'."
Me- "Everyone's here for this one."

On Doctor Neimann's crimes:
Rosa- "He's a scientist? Why is he in jail?"
*Neimann details his experiment of putting a human brain in a dog*
Rosa- "Ah."

On alternate titles:
*Neimann explains his relation assisted in a previous Monster experiment*
Me-  "The Brother of the Friend of the Son of Frankenstein!"

On Lampini explaining he took Dracula's skeleton from Castle Dracula:
Me- "None of the three movies that mention Dracula had his body end up there.
I am suspicious." 

On suprise actor sightings:
Me- "Sig Ruman!!!!"
Rosa- *leaps and almost falls off couch* "WHAT?!"
Me- "Sorry, he was in a lot of Marx Brothers' films. Too bad they couldn't show up in a monster one."

On Neimann pulling the stake and "Dracula" reconstituting:
Dracula- "I am Baron Latos from Transylvania."
Rosa- "Who’s from Transylvania?"
*movie pause, Rosa and I have a discussion about who pulled the stake out of who, and which character is which, since neither really looks like Dracula.*
Me- "If they found him in Castle Dracula, maybe he really is Baron Latos, someone Dracula turned and now he's using the name to be more impressive."

On Carradine's hypnotic stare:
Rosa- "He looks constipated."
On Rita falling under Dracula's power and wearing his ring:
Rosa- "Cut her finger off."
Me- "That seems extreme."
Rosa- "No."
On the big horse drawn wagon chase:
Me- "It's impossible to pin down when these are supposed to take place. 
The fact that someone always references the last movie as 'years ago' (thought nothing changes to show that) when the release dates of the movies are much closer together doesn't help."
On the set up of the film:
Rosa- "The other monsters don't appear until the first one disappears?"
Me- "Yeah."
Rosa- "That's weak."
Me- "Yeah."

On the hunchbacked dwarf Daniel seeing Illonka dancing at the gypsy camp.
Rosa- "He’s going to fall in love? He’s Quasimodo!"
Me- "I think Radu took a bunch from Daniel."
On the town in the background:
Rosa- "That’s a painting."
Me- "Maybe."
Rosa- "Yes it is."
On Daniel attacking the man whipping Illonka:
Rosa- "Quasimodo to the rescue. 
Good idea, kill him while the police are right there."
On referencing the locations in previous films:
Me- "The 'Visaria' and 'Frankenstein' locations are a bit muddled. 
Maybe its a town and county thing."

On these movies covering the same ground:
Rosa- "He's going to find Frankenstein and the Wolf Man in ice again.
And revive them...again."
Me- "Is it?" 
The Movie *it is* 
Me- "Oh yeah, it is ice again."
Rosa- "Told you. 
They're going to find both posed in the ice.
*Does frozen monster pose*
You see, its the same."

On Neiman stating he will, "Set them free and they will help us:"
Rosa- "Suuuuuuure."
On Daniel not being allowed to drive and sit next to Illonka:
Rosa- "Awww, he can’t talk to the girl."
Me- "He was in jail for a reason."
Rosa- "I know."
Me- "He kills four people in this movie."
Rosa- *the "look"*

On hearing Ilonka tell Larry, "I like you:"
Rosa- "Uh oh...
Uuuuuuuh oh!"
On the effects of age and a bad back:
Me- "Karloff is shorter than Chaney by this point."
On Universal contract players:
Me- "There's Maria’s Dad again. 
And, of course, good old Lionel Atwill."
On Ilonka not believing Daniel that Larry is a werewolf:
Rosa- "Well, then you’ll die."
On the mayor talking about the monsters as "idiotic superstition:"
Rosa- "Oh, kill him first."
On the timing of Monster experiment:
Me- "You figure with a known werewolf in the house, 
they wouldn’t do the experiment at night... 
during a full moon.
And yet here we are."
On the Wolf Man biting Illonka as she shoots him:
Rosa- *huge honest gasp*
On the end:
Rosa- *huge huff*
"Now what?
Everyone’s dead."
Me- "Right."
Rosa- "At least they can’t find him frozen again.
How can Wolf Man and Dracula come back?"
Me- "You have to wait for next year's movie. 
After we find out how the Mummy came back, of course."

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