Thursday, November 29, 2018

Universal Monsters Through a Kid’s Eyes

I should probably take Grandma’s advice and change this to “My Kid’s Eyes” as she gets older, but there’s no way I'm going back and relabeling all the old posts, I’m behind as it is.

Speaking of being behind, with the release of the legacy  edition monster films on Blu-Ray marked down for Halloween sales two years in a row, I can overcome one of my child’s biases against “stinky, grainy old tapes” in my multiyear quest to get my young horror fan to watch the classics.

Hey, she says Van Helsing is her favorite scary movie, why wouldn’t she be interested in its source material?

The answer, of course, is her natural bias against black and white.  Now, in-spite of my currently owning far too many copies of digitally enhanced Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein, we haven’t made much headway.

I’m woefully behind on material, but since this year is the 200th Anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein the Modern Prometheus I'm going with what I have for now, maybe now that she’s read Dracula and  Frankenstein someday we’ll watch more of them.

Later edit: Nope!  Her resistance to black and white continued, then she went to college. The ones marked "*" are where we watched with Anabelle, mostly out of chronological order.  Rosa and I watched the rest all together in proper time order though. My vast warehouse of useless monster knowledge coupled with her never having seen these before led to fun commentary anyway.

Sorta Kinda part of this- Dracula 1979
What the heck, here's the Moffat/ Gatiss Dracula too

Anabelle did veer into the enjoyment of later films
1958, 1959, 1965 The Fly Trilogy
1986, 1989 The Fly Remakes

Here’s some links to older general posts about the classics.


Cousin Michael said...

When my girls were small we watched the Birds together. They loved it. When they got a little older we watched The Elephant Man. They loved it too. A couple of months later they wanted to watch it again. I asked why. They said just because they liked it. When I told them it was a true story they were very upset thinking that such a human being could exist. At this point they decided they didn't want to watch it a second time. Oh well. I suggested Abbott and Costello "Buck Privates." That started the numerous Abbott and Costello nights for months. We must have watched each one at least twice if not three times. Much popcorn and laughs was had by all.

Jeff McGinley said...

Nice!!! Thanx for sharing.
Anabelle liked Marx Brothers films when she was little, but she's grown to a huge resistance to Black and White films, so we never really got into the Abbot and Costello ones, which is a shame.