Thursday, December 13, 2018

Bride of Frankenstein Through a Kid’s Eyes

There was a loooooooooooooooooong gap between watching the first and second film.  Much like the original Alien decades later, the success and thrills of Frankenstein came from the reveal of the creature, the likes of which had never been experienced.

Now that he’s been a staple of sitcoms, commercials and breakfast cereals, that’s worn off a bit.

Bride is not only a more complex film, but it contains more humor. Also there’s the atmosphere added via music.  Between the 1931 original and the 1935 sequel, more complete musical scores started being added to films, starting with 1933’s King Kong.

The end result was a much better and more immersive story that the previous outing that kept Anabelle’s attention to the point that she didn’t make fun of it very much, and mostly reacted emotionally to what was happening.

She had a few key observations though, and when she read Frankenstein in school and learned about the gathering that produced it she asked, “Wasn’t that at the beginning of the Bride movie?”

On Mary Shelley’s introductory bit:
“She wrote that? Wow she's good!”

On any of Minnie’s overreactions:
“Ooh, the crazy village woman. I like her!”

On Elizabeth pretending to freak out to scare Henry:
“Everyone in this town is crazy.”

On the fire set in the blind hermit’s house:
*very subdued* “Oh no.”

On Elizabeth and Minnie standing up to people:
“The women are much stronger in this one.”

On the heart being called the most complex organ:
*sarcastically* “Oh really?”

Come back for the Son (eventually, maybe:  Edit- Yes, but without Anabelle).

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