Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas Calculation!

Looks like a get an early Christmas present this year.  A day off!

For extra credit, my daughter's math class was tasked with writing a math based Christmas carol.

Most others wrote or typed out something short and basic, to a simple song.

She made a giant, multicolored page with images, and parodied a Rankin Bass storytelling number.

I have no idea where she gets it from.

Come back next time for the usual Action Figure based holiday fun.


longbow said...

In high school, I won an informal impromptu contest in Algebra class and Dr. Hecht named me "Captain Quadratic". And *I* think that is very cool/geeky

Grandma said...

A chip off the old block. We all knew it. Great sense of humor, creative, talented and inventive. Anabelle I'm so proud of you. OXZ

Kim Luer said...

Anabelle, this is awesome. Great job. I also love the French and Indian War rap you wrote with my kids. Jeff I hope to see that as a feature on here as well. Aurora social studies teacher loved it.

Jeff McGinley said...

Congradulations Scott! Thanx for the compliments Grandma and Kim, I'm sure Anabelle will be along once the pre holiday test conga line is done.

Anabelle :D said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for commenting, I'm glad you liked my song! I'm actually going to turn it in in about 30 minutes :)