Monday, December 24, 2018

2018 Holiday Parade Festivities

GooooooOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOOoOOOood Afternoon! It’s Anabelle here, back again at the Traditional Christmas Village. It seems like this year, we got some new residents. Although I’m not going to go off on that tangent right now. Anyway, it is that time of year again: the time for the “I Wish I Was In Jeff’s Village” Action Figure and Hess Truck Extravaganza!

This year, Jeff (aka Father of Mine) decided to honor Stan Lee with his G.I. Joe Village.


So, his village is stocked with heroes that Stan created. However, many readers of this blog had a hunch that a Marvel village would be coming, and this got all of the figures hyped, not just Stan’s fellows. Some of the disappointed heroes decided to band together and bring back the parade. They contacted their good ol’ pal Xena the Warrior Princess, who reached out to us to get the news coverage. She was also able to procure Santa Hats for select paraders to wear.

Well, here we go again!

Up first we have the motorbike from this year in the lead, followed by the 2007 and 2004 motorbikes. They are escorting the 2018 dune buggy, which is holding Rogue! Rogue is starring in one of the comics yours truly is reading right now (Mr. And Mrs. X), so she thought this relevance would pop her on over into the village. It didn’t, but she’s always welcome here.

Next we have the 2012 helicopter car and the 2005 fire truck car escorting the 2015 mini fire truck. On this float is Iron Boy! He is ready to show his holiday spirit for you all as he performs the hit single: “Completing the Square”.

No…..that is definitely not a shameless plug for my math song that I’m very proud of…..what are you looking at?

Following him we have the 2011, 2016, and 2009 small racers with the Christmas Frog!!!!!!! (And also a teeny frog that I may or may not have lost as a child behind the Christmas tree belonging to someone horridly afraid of frogs—sorry Grandma!) Anyway, this frog was in my Marvel bin for some reason, but Father of Mine said that the lizard was the closest this frog would get to the spotlight. Honestly, even getting the lizard into the village took quite the push on my part.

Now, on the 2004 SUV, we have our first team float, which is people from MC2. Here’s Wild Thing, American Dream, and Stature/Stinger (affectionately called Bugga Pym by childhood Anabelle for some reason— ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) These gals are filled with ho-ho-holiday cheer and can't wait to spread it around.

Following them we’ve got the first of three Alpha Flight floats. This 2014 ship has Vindicator and Wolverine leading the way for their buddy pals.

Our main Alpha Flight float is the snowman float. With Puck leading the way, Snowbird is the star of this float, with her badger and owl lining the sides.

Moving right along to the rest of the team, we have siblings Aurora and North Star with their buddy Sasquatch, or as I like to call him for the sake of holiday cheer, the Bumble.

Now, we have the 2009 big race car, with people that are closely tied with our friendly neighborhood Spider Man! Yes, we’ve got Black Cat, Spider Woman, and Venom here to show their support for…


You guessed it folks, this next float (the 2003 race car storage) is holding celebrity guests Spiderwoman (Spider Gwen) and Peter Porker himself, the Amazing Spider Ham! They’re here to pump up the parade-goers for their new movie, which I am proud to say was an amazing experience. Check it out guys, it’ll be worth it.

The next and final team float(s) belongs to Excalibur. While we don’t have the whole team, some members did come out to wish you all a happy holiday. On the 2016 snow plow carrier is team leader Captain Britain, Nightcrawler, and Kitty Pryde.

Following them on the brandy new 2018 RV is Colossus and Psylocke. She’s so tiny because she hit with a shrink ray! Yeahhhh that’s it! A shrink ray! She’s definitely not the completely wrong scale action figure. No way, José!


Coming up in the 2014 Spaceship Carrier, we have one of the most famous Marvel characters in existence: Captain America! With him is his ol’ pal Bucky, both of whom were not created by Stan Lee. So, they ran over to the parade last minute for a shot at inclusion. Of course, they were accepted.

And now...........

The moment you’ve been waiting for since last year.........

“Wait! Anabelle! This is a Marvel parade! How could you possibly have gotten…”

Well dear parade viewers, we’ve done it, so joining head organizer Xena today we have….



PsYcHo PiRaTe!!!!!!!!!!

Yes friends, Xena wrote to the man in red as soon as she heard that she was running the parade. Naturally, it took some convincing, but Mr. Pirate eventually came around to making another appearance by this big, beautiful Christmas tree. The two are on the 2015 fire truck, surrounded by the 2003 race cars.

That concludes this year’s festive parade, folks! But, before we go, let’s meet up with the Marvel Holiday Actors again. This year, they’ve put together a live nativity. The cast is as follows:
Mary-Dazzler (dressed in white)
Joseph-Tony Stark (facial hair)
Jesus- Baby Groot (baby)
Angel-Songbird (wings)
Three Wise Men- Namor, Black Panther, King Thor (all Kings)
Shepherd- Poison (new figure...why not!?)
Sheep- Blackheart (....uhhhh, well I covered his spikes in cotton balls so he looked like a sheep….hey I tried, right?)

Well, I guess that’s it! See y’all when I see ya! Enjoy Christmas tomorrow, and stay tuned for my father’s triumphant comeback after he wakes up from his million gazillion year nap.

Ho Ho Ho!


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