Monday, September 18, 2023

It Came From Beneath the Sea Through a Kid's Eyes


On the option to see the film enhanced:
Me- "Color or black and white?"
Anabelle- "What a tough choice. 
*rolls eyes*
I’m going to have to say the color version."
On absolutely anything happening in the movie:
"Maybe its...A giant octopus!"
On the long opening with no reveals:
"How much of the movie is the octopus in?
I'm worried I'm going to be let down. 
Does it come from beneath the sea a lot?"
On the credits at the beginning of the film:
"Oh right, for an old movie we have to sit through the credits now.

On Ray Harryhausen's credit:

On what she thought of Gulliver:
"I hope this is better than the last one."
On how the submarine commander looks at things:
Rosa and Anabelle- "Why does he hang like this
*imitates*  on the periscope."
On the large sonar signal:
"Is it per chance...
an octopus?"
On nothing shown for a while:
"What is that coming from beneath the sea?
This is giving Godzilla 2014 vibes."

On the submarine being attacked:
"Maybe those aren’t the main people in the movie."
On the long opening section taking place in the submarine:
 "Is this a two room movie, like Alien?"
On further research being discussed at a restaurant:
"Maybe the humans ate what comes from beneath the sea all along. 
The true monsters."
On reviewing the unnamed portion of whatever was beneath the sea:
"How would a tentacle be a whole animal? 
This guy is stupid."
On Doctor Leslie and Commander Pete bantering:
"They gonna fall in love? He’s looking at her funny."
 *He grabs her arm*
"Unhand her! Harassment! 
I hope it eats you."
*She pulls away*
"Slay." *Snapping*
 *He tells her to call him "Pete"*
"Please don't."
*She does*
"*Derisive snort*"
On Commander Pete lighting up in front of the giant no smoking sign. 
"He is a menace."

On showing graduated cylinders of pipettes in the lab:
*Visible Chemistry Major excitement*
On Commander Pete's general "Fifties Man" methods of flirting:
"He is horrible. Get away from her."
 *Doctor Leslie kisses Doctor John, the other scientist* 
"Get wrecked, navy guy!"
On H-bombs being blamed for the crisis:
"Maybe because they’re disruptive."

On Doctor John correcting that it "Wasn't an animal but a fish:"
"Fish are animals you clown. 
I thought you were a marine biologist."
On how long the mystery remains:
"Why don’t they show him the huge tentacle that is obviously from a giant octopus."
On Doctor Leslie thinking Commander Pete is interesting:
"He is the worst."
*She says yes to going out with Commander Pete*

On the giant Octopus (or Sixtopus) finally appearing:
"It’s coming from beneath the sea!!!!!!!!
Ten outta ten for that scene. 
The rest of the movie is bad."
On Commander Pete commenting on her dinner:
"Girl why is this working on you?" 
*mocking* "Do you like lobster?"
*He leads her to "dance"*
"Where are they going? There’s no dance floor."
*Commander Pete is way inside Doctor Leslie's personal space*
Back up!
Look how close he is!
Bite him! 
Bite his nose off!"
*They kiss*
"Aaaaaaah! That is not dancing!"

On random notes about the artistry of the film:
"The Cinematography is terrible."
On weirdly gesturing while describing the monster attack"
"A stethoscope came out of the sea?"
On Doctor Leslie's "feminine wiles" being referenced:
"What is going on? 
This movie is foul."

On the interactions about the monster in the UN:
Anabelle- "Why is Peru protesting to the UN about this?"
Rosa- "Why not?"
*one delegate is oddly dressed*
Anabelle- "Who’s that guy in the cowboy hat?
Yeeee ha!!!"
On realizing Doctor John's full name is "John Carter:"
"The Mars one?"

On Doctor Leslie and Commander Pete's beach romance scene:
"Huh?! Excuse me?!?!"

On a witness referencing "something that came from beneath the sea:"
It came from beneath the sea!!!"

On Doctor John snarking at everyone:
"I love this guy. He's so funny."
On the creature seen from the beach:
"It’s coming from beneath the sea!!!!"
On the creature being referenced back to the Thirteenth century:
*Other evidence is provided, an old sea monster drawing*
"Uh huh."
On them finally showing the thing they got from the submarine:
*Military folks call out some of the scientists by name*
"Why didn’t they thank Leslie?
The navy hates women."
On someone asking, "Where did it come from?"
*Scientists state "the Marianas Trench"*
"What a let down."
On the location switching to San Francisco:
"Is it gonna go on the Golden Gate Bridge?
Is that 'the scene.'
That sounds like 'the scene.'
This movie feels like more than eighty minutes."
On the creature attacking the bridge:
*Sings* "It’s coming from beneath the sea!"
"What if it inks?
That would be funny."

On a random scenery image:
"What was the point of that shot?
I ask myself that often in this movie."
*a prolonged driving scene follows*
"Like this one."
On Commander Pete saying "hold onto her" about Doctor Leslie as Doctor John is going on the SCUBA mission:
"I hate him. *mimes at edge of boat* "Push"
"If John dies I'm going to be depressed. 
He’s the only one I like in this movie. 
I like Leslie but she’s been making questionable choices."
On duration:
"How is it only Nine PM?
It feels like we’ve been watching this for years."
On the creature attacking a ferry:
*Singing again*
"It’s coming from beneath the sea... agaaaaaaain."
*The creature smashes a wall*
"That was good. 
That was a slay shot. 
Too bad it was wasted in this movie."
*Does Octopus impression*
On the giant tentacle crushing people in the street:
Rosa- "Whoah! Squish!"
Anabelle- *screams- then calm* "Well, that was pretty rough."

On the military showing up with a flamethrower:
"Wooooo! Let’s make calamari!"
On the torpedo hitting the creature:
Anabelle- "Well, that did nothing."
Me- "They have to detonate it remotely, remember?"
Anabelle- "Oh yeah. My b."
On them slowly swimming toward the creature to detonate the torpedo:
"Woo yeah!
I'm trying to make this movie fun. 
It is a burden."
*Doctor John swims by Commander Pete*
"Unhook him from the air."

On the movie in general:
Anabelle- "This is not Ray's finest work."
Me- "It's an early one, before he had creative control."
Anabelle- "I can tell."

On Doctor Leslie's habit of itemizing things:
"I love her 'a b c' thing."
*She kisses Commander Pete*
"Ewww! I hate her.
Get your grubby hands offs her."

On overall impressions:
"Well that stunk."

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