Thursday, February 5, 2015

Respected, Selected, Call Collected

No matter how the official start is counted, I just passed the four year mark for blogging.


To celebrate this occasion, as is common in other four year intervals, there’s going to be a Dog Food For Chairs election.

Don’t go getting all excited, I’m not going anywhere.

This isn’t a democracy, more of a Comedic Dictatorship.

I guess a better term would be a “Feedback Poll,” but Alice Cooper doesn’t have any songs with titles about that to let me steal lyrics from.

Therefore I’m sticking with the initial term and asking what parts of this blog should be “Elected” to continue, expand, or reduce.

In other words:

What do you like?
What isn’t working?
What would you like to see more of?

Format suggestions are also welcome:
Should Monday ongoing series (like Short Treks, Disney Trips, the George Awards or the Litany of Godzilla) be continuous until completed, or be interspersed with other series?
Should there be only one post a week but have it be longer? (Probably not)
Should there be a post every day, but have them be tiny? (God, no!)

Any and all feedback in the comments is appreciated;
Think of it as an all request radio show with an incredibly slow turnaround time.

And, as always.
Thank you all for reading, and hopefully laughing.


longbow said...

More Cowbell!
Honestly, the discipline is impressive. This coming from a guy who's wanted a pepperoni and sausage pizza since 1986.

Speaking of which, I want more cardiology. If not of a personal nature, stuff you know is happening into which you have insight.

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx much, and thanx for the feedback. I've been meaning to get back to some of the topics I started with before I branched out.

Maybe after I finish the Star Trek set I'll dig into it more.

Jesse Schell said...

I think your rhythm of two posts a week works pretty well. While your longer posts are often impressive, you could easily get away with having shorter posts. Honestly, sometimes I find myself skimming or skipping the longer ones because of time constraints. But it's awesome that you have four years of posts!

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx for the feedback.

I've gotten better at breaking up longer ideas into multiple posts as time has passed.

Sometimes the running gags run away with me.

(That King Kong one could have filled a month!)

thanx again!

Bruce Fieggen said...

More Lake stories!

Anonymous said...

Jeff, (your commentary)

Should there be only one post a week but have it be longer? (Probably not)

Should there be a post every day, but have them be tiny? (God, no!)

My comments:
Why not make it easy on yourself. C'mon. You work full time, have both Husband and Fatherly duties of which you are both exemplary at. How bout this. Make it "Once a week and a little shorter" so you have more time to dedicate to the aforementioned duties and responsibilities? Not that a lack of time has caused you to be deficient in any of those areas.

I like all the posts. Some more than others of course. My favorites: Stories about our crazy family and "Up the lake tales."

Whatever you decide will be fine with me. Take care Cuz...
Love and regards to you and your girls.
Cousin Michael
(from Florida....where it's a balmy 77 degrees at the time of this writing.....Ho Hum!)

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx for the feedback, Bruce. Based on yours and other comments, plus some emails, I am apparently way under quota for Up the Lake stories. I'll have to remedy that after I get out of the current hole I'm in.

Mike, thanx for the feedback and compliments. What would I do with all that extra time? Sleep is for the weak.

Thanx again to all.

Linda said...

I like the twice a week (every day would be too much for you and although your probable slip to looney posts might be amusing - let's not go there)

Love movie/tv reviews - we have sent them on to many and the travelogues have allowed vicarious travel on many a snowy morning.

Jeff McGinley said...

Many thanx!

Sounds like the timing works. fro everyone involved, so that's something.

Thanx again, glad to provide a "service"