Thursday, November 3, 2011

Once upon a time…In the Hall of Justice

The ability to create original superheroes was mine from childhood.
The ability to organically combine masses of existing superheroes took over twenty years of comic book collecting.
The ability to do this comes from being the father of a little girl

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"Gathered together from the far corners of the magical kingdoms! Here in this great Castle of Justice, are the most beautiful forces of good ever assembled!  Fed up with ineffective, unreliable protectors, * they now rescue others as THE PRINCESS LEAGUE!  Dedicated to truth, justice and happily ever afters for all mankind!"
*You know…men

Roll Call:

Snowper White:
Former Protector: Necrophiliac, suspected two-timer.
Trivia: Her only weakness is Krapplynite. As the first Super Princess, her influence inspired not only the others of her time, but as far forward as the Thirtieth Century's Legion of Super Dwarves. 

Former Protector: Foot Fetishist, suspected two-timer.
Trivia: Won the contest to gain the glass slippers of Hermes, and the bullet blocking bibbidy bobbidy bracelets, despite the interference of her Amazonian stepmother.  Tries to keep one end of her lasso tied to her jet to help her find it when it turns back into an invisible pumpkin after midnight.

Sleeping Batty:
Former Protector: Charming, yet ultimately useless.
Trivia:  Aurora Wayne has a vast network of underwoodland contacts that know her only by her alias, Briar Malone.  A purely nocturnal operative, she claims, "I've slept enough".

Former Protector: Extremely slow on the uptake.
Trivia:  Aquatic telepathy commands all sea life to perform show stopping Broadway quality musical numbers.  As ruler of the seas she often warns surface dwellers to beware encroaching on her domain, or her counterattacks will surely take Part of Your World.

Former Protector: Bad tempered, loud, hairy.
Trivia: Her ring constructs are based on figures from classic literature.  Her strong, if peculiar, will has endeared her to many of the planets in the space sector she patrols, prompting them to invite her to Be Our Guest.

Former Protector: Dishonest, low self-esteem
Trivia: The Sultaness of Speed is living the freedom that was her childhood's fondest wish. As the fastest princess alive, she can travel from one Whole New World to another in the blink of an eye.

Mulantian Manhunter
Former Protector: Married to family business, unyielding view of rules.
Trivia: Shape shifting and mind reading abilities allow her to easily join groups she would normally never be allowed to.  As the last of her race, she vows to uphold the request of her ancestors to Bring Honor To us All.

Former Protector: Constant international travel, easily changes loyalties.
Trivia: Uses a plethora of Native American designed arrows, even ones allowing curved shots Around the River Bend.  Acts as the environmental conscience of the league. 

Former Protector: Militaristic, follows ugly hunches.
Trivia: Uses shrinking powers to simulate gypsy magic. She can increase her density, so even at tiny size, packs a punch that sends foes Topsy Turvey.

Former Protector: Refuses to grow up.
Trivia:  One smack from her mace crushes foes to pixie dust. Not actually a Super Princess but often associated with them, she’s really the team's liaison with the Justice Fairies.

Bonus Picture from the 30th Century
Brainidoc 5, Bashful Chameleon, Cosmic Sleepy, Colossal Happy, Lightning Sneezey, Ultra Grumpy, Bouncing Dopey

Concept inspired by the Princess Lunch at Cinderella's castle from the line "…and I think its very nice that you have an "S" for Snow White, tattooed on your arm."  Apparently, my brain can play with stuff like this for a year without telling me…neat!

Concept Proven by watching my daughter combine her toys with mine:
         Darkseid of Apocalypse taking the princesses to the Royal Ball.
         Blackheart, the demon son of Mephisto Visiting Winnie the Pooh's house.
         The Fearsome Foes of Spider Man Tea Party.
         The wide-eyed smile accompanying the phrase "Wonder Woman's a princess too!"

All superhero components are copyrights of DC Comics.  All Princess, fairy and dwarf components are copyrights of Disney.

Final bonus Picture
Hawkerbelle, The Green Genie, Spectry Godmother, the Blue Fatey, Flasha, Fahourna, Merryatom, Sandy Poppman

Sadly, thanx to the Disney acquisition of Marvel, this can never be.  At least unless Warner Brothers continues screwing up DC's movies so badly that Marvel is able to buy them.

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