Thursday, January 26, 2012

Top Ten Awesomest Lines in 1980’s Icky Boy Movies

This is simply a list of my favorite lines from 80’s Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror movies.
It is based solely on my own opinions and criteria, including an attempt to avoid the most well-known or overused ones.

Straight action movies (which always shot for a catch phrase during that time) have been omitted in the interest of fairness.

The movies RoboCop and Predator, which consisted solely of awesome lines and would need more than ten spots each have also been omitted in the interest of fairness.

Numbers 10 and 9 were released in the early 1990’s, however.
A)   I don’t care.
B)   A movie doesn’t have to be released between 1980 and 1989 to be an “80’s Movie”
C)   Shut up.

For those it really bugs, feel free to substitute 80’s Hall of Famer’s

"I'll be back"

For the rest who realize the ‘80s were more of a state of mind than a time span: Join me, won’t you?

10 Rutger Haur: Harley Stone - Split Second  1

"Listen pal, touching me is not a great idea."

9 Paul Rubens: Amilyn - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"Kill him a lot!"

8 Dan Mason: Ko-Dan Captain Lord Kril - The Last Starfighter

*Cool electric monocle activation* "We die!"

7 Rick Overton: Franjean - Willow
"I stole the baby from you, Daikini! While you were taking a pee pee!"

6 Mel Gibson: Max Rockatanski – The Road Warrior

*Loud Whistle* "You wanna get outa talk to me."

5 Don Keith Opper: Charlie McFadden - Critters 2

“I’m a Bounty Hunter!”

4 Bruce Campbell: Ashley J. Williams  - Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn 2


3 Arnold Schwarzenneger: ConanConan the Barbarian

 "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women"

2 Peter Cullen: Optimus Prime – Transformers: the Movie

"Dinobots...destroy Devastator!"

And the number one Awesomest 80's Icky Boy Movie ine…

William Shatner: Captain James Tiberius Kirk - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

"What does God need with a starship?"
Just Kidding

The real number 1

Virginia Bryant: Queen Canary - The Barbarians

"Stand aside! My people are jugglers…"


1 I couldn’t find a shot of the actor delivering this line, just the guy on the receiving end.  You can see how upset Mr. Hauer was on being unseen in the list.

2 “Groovy.” can definitely be considered entering into the well-known or overused category, that is due to its use in Army of Darkness.  While more popular and well known than its predecessor, it does not reach the levels of total awesomeness the lower budget and more genuine horror that Evil Dead 2 attains, which is, in fact, the Awesomest movie ever made.


longbow said...

My *only-est* quibble would be with the Dinobots line. You know I'm partial to Grimlock so I'd go with, "You wrong! and you ugly too"

Jeff McGinley said...

You make a valid point, that is the awesomest Transformer quote ever. But that came from Dinobot Island part 2, a tv episode, this was a movie list. It will definitely hold a place of honor if I ever do a TV list.

longbow said...

To me Grimlock, all your screens look puny!

Jeff McGinley said...

Me think you right. Me also think it time to give pirate day competion. What day be good for "International Talk Like Grimlock Day"?