Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Carnivore's Guide To Cardiology: Wow! My Blood's Famous!

Hey there everyone.  

Back at the end of July I had a second stent put in.

The good news was my arteries looked as good or better than when I needed the first stent, except for the bit of probably pre-existing plaque that ruptured.

I mentioned there was a photo crew from Cardiology Today there, because my cardiologist was awesome and one of the leading radial users in the state.

Guess what?  The article was published.
Concidentally there was a tattoo themed advertisement on the inside cover of the print version for the devices I've worked for 20 years in R&D on.

I'm not sure if they always look for the human interest side, they were entertained by my obsession with getting to Disney World, or they were just happy to find a patient who understood what was being done to him, but they talked to me for quite a while both that day and afterwards through e-mails.

Either way, it means I get to take today off from finding something to write.

I need to publicly thank the crew that was there.  They were, at all times, courteous, professional, and respectful. Their questions and comments actually made me feel more comfortable and at ease on what was a pretty stressful day.

Click here to see the article. 

Click here to see the second page of the article, if you couldn't figure out the "1" and "2" at the page bottom. 

Warning:  There's blood.  
But since it didn't upset me, and it used to be inside me, it shouldn't upset you either.

Also, I'm in better physical shape than I looked in that photo taken staring into the sun during an EPCOT death march, but it was really hard to find a shot from the Disney trip where we weren't standing in front of something copyrighty.

Update:  Hey, the article won an award!


Antonia said...

Wow you're so cool!! What a great article to be a part of! Thanks for the blood warning. And the tip off to find page 2, which was quite helpful. You and your blood are famous!!

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx much, but no amount of medical work on me will ever make me "cool."

Glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

You may think you're not cool but if it matters to you one thing you are is my "HERO." I don't know anybody, family member or friend who has done more to improve their health than you. Between your diet and exercise plans along with your attitude you have literally taken the bull by the "HEART." While others would have questioned "why me" and been happy with the pills prescribed you stepped up to the plate and made chicken salad out of chicken .... you know what I mean. I'm proud of you and even more proud you are my cousin. If I ever have a heart attack, God forbid, I've told everybody to call you and not 911! Stay healthy.
Cousin Michael

Chris said...

Great articles Jeff! You look better than when I last saw you. Good to see you are keeping up with the diet and exercise. BTW, wasn't this the procedure where the Terumo Band failed post procedure and Rosa almost killed someone?

Bruce Fieggen said...

Nice job Jeff. Though the reporter seemed to harp on your wish to return to the treadmill. Wish he'd focused more on your Medical Device Engineering experience.

Jeff McGinley said...

Michael, thanx that means a lot, but please call 911 if, God forbid, that happens. Just because I'm clinically incapable of sustaining a bad mood doesn't mean needed medical help should be avoided. The doctor stuff comes first, the additude adjustment is an add on.

Chris, thanx as well. It's not that it failed. The pressure stopped the bleeding, but it wasn't high enough to get the clotting cycle going in the required time frame after they gave me a Pez dispenser full of anti-coagulants. the direct pressure applied afterwards set off a vaso vagal response and I passed out (leading to Rosa's reaction)...full details in the post linked at the start of this one for any latecomers.

Bruce, and thank you as well. Their big goal was to show the benefits of radial therapy, and they were highlighting the speedy recovery. They seemed happier that I was mostly coherent and positive than what my background was.

Brian said...

Awesome Jeff! I especially liked that they included that last super photo of you and your family. I think, with all of the superb science and medical skill, in the end, it's that ability for you to be able to go about your life as you choose which makes it all completely worth it. Congrats man.

Jeff McGinley said...

Many thanx, and you would know and are deserving of many congrats as well.

I am very proud of that picture, because it got included after the author asked me for a quote to tie the trip together with the procedure, because then it would make a good capstone. I succeeded in my first "professional" writing assignment, even if it was only one, unpaid, sentence. Ya gotta start somewhere!