Monday, August 27, 2018

Atlantic City Summer 2017: Day 3- Almost All Together

August 8, 2018

Following the brutally unfair disparity in our dinner activities, the separation continued.

I went into work early to allow a prompt departure time, while they slept in before a relaxing beach day. 


The water was much cleaner since the massive excavation project was nowhere near them.  By the time they left the beach for “lunch” it was five PM.  They ate at the Seaside Cafe.  Originally the place had a diner like atmosphere and menu.  However, it morphed when José Garces (of occasional Food Network appearances) opened new restaurants in the Trop, and the food from the places he replaced migrated to Seaside.

They had Cheesesteak and wings before strolling the Boardwalk. None of us remember what it means, but there was some encounter with “French Girl Pants Guy” by the mall, leading to mental trauma that was only cured by zeppoles.

On the day they enjoyed sunshine and fried dough, I endured a surprise meeting changing the overall project strategy (again) and a delayed design review meeting that kept me at work longer than I should have been where I got yelled at for being practical. (again)

Yup, completely fair.

Once more, the number of “we forgot…” texts during the day proved not planning to leave directly from work was prudent.

I went home, packed up, stopped into see my sister after another far too frequent surgery, and headed back south.

By then it was late enough to empty the New Jersey highway system, and the comedy of Lewis Black once more kept me alert and focused on the way down to Atlantic City. 

A quick right on Martin Luther King Boulevard, followed by another right at the two story naked lady, and a left at the neon Jesus sign and I was back with my family.

Yes, the town is still struggling to find its identity.

I got to have room service for dinner that night, pre-ordered from a Parkway rest stop.

My club sandwich with Anabelle’s left over pancakes was the perfect capper to a strange day. 

Noticing the level of jokes Anabelle was laughing at on Friends reminded me she was now old enough to appreciate Coupling.

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