Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bondlets: Quantum of Solace


My daughter’s opinion of Daniel Craig must have changed after seeing Casino Royale. Three days later she not only wanted to see the next film, but she had bought poker chips at the thrift store.

Her recognition of the franchise came in several waves.  The Goldeneye game rerelease we play is based on the engine of the game of this film, and she noted the game's menu style came from on screen stuff.  Before the errors of making a film without a script became apparent, she was already disappointed in learning there was still no Q or Moneypenny in this one. 

She thought the theme song should involve the movie title. While happy there were naked people in the credits again, she found them uninteresting and not trippy enough. 

Then she realized the film didn’t start with the “gun barrel thing.”
“This is an outrage!  AN OUTRAGE I SAY!  And he’s short!!”

She did notice the continuation from the previous film, mentioning Bond was in his “sad puppy” phase and saying “Shhhh, it's a sore subject” whenever Vesper was mentioned.

The writers’ strike affected story and the awful cinematography received much of her ire during the film. Leading to many outbursts:

“I’m not drawn in like the other ones, because I can’t tell what’s happening.”

“Why is the camera shaking? Is this supposed to be exciting, ‘cause it’s not.”

“I am getting vertigo.”

“Are you enthralled?  I am not.  It was building up a little but now I am bored.”

“This isn’t even a ‘who done it?’ it's a ‘what?’ - I don't know what’s going on.”

“I can’t tell who’s bad with these angles, or even who’s in the boat.”

“What is he tracking them by? I'm trying to figure it out but I just don’t know?”

*Mathis shows up* “I still don’t know what’s going on, but at least this part is fun.”

*Villain scene* “No go back to the fun people, you confuse me.”

“The only part of this that was good was when Mathis and Fields showed up, they were fun and now they’re dead.  Are they trying to ruin the movie? ‘Cause it’s pretty bad already.”

*The plane chase* “I’m not very captivated.  I feel like if I knew what was going on, I would be more.”

“He stole a boat and a car?  Because he’s a sinner! I’ve had it with this man. He’s bored me to death and now he’s breaking the law.”

*On bad guy Dominic Greene* “He’s a turd. I still don’t know what’s going on, but I want to see her kick his butt.”

*A character asks “What can I do for you.”* “Make the movie end.”

There were, however, a few good moments.

When M said she trusted 007, my daughter cheered out loud.

More cheers for anytime Felix Leiter was around, usually balanced by calling anyone else in the CIA, “Stupid Americans.”

While Bond was stabbing a foe repeatedly she remarked, “He’s not very good at ‘bringing one in’ for questioning.” 
That lead to the observation near the end when Bond told M Vesper’s ex was still alive and she said, “I’m surprised.”
Anabelle replied- “Yes, I’m surprised too! He’s finally getting better at this.”

There was one more huge cheer when they put the gun barrel thing at the end, but it faded quickly.

“Hooray…wait. That was stupid.  Well, at least they did it.  I'm glad they didn't put it where it goes at the beginning; it would have gotten my expectations up.

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