Thursday, June 3, 2021

Top Ten Signs We Watch Too Much Food Network in Our Home

To remind folks once more, going back to the year we got the Memorial Day plague and Anabelle binged Chopped for a week straight, Food Network has been on near constantly in our house. 

It's led to some strange behaviors...

such as:

10.  Yelling, "Behind!" at the top of our lungs upon passing in back of someone in the kitchen.

9.  The urge to run at full speed with the cart takes over whenever hearing someone say, "Go," in a supermarket,

8.  Always considering adding lemon to desserts, because it's Valerie's favorite.

7.  Shouting out how many minutes are left any moment the oven timer reaches a round number. 

6.  Freaking out when someone else walks in the kitchen while cooking, expecting them to bring, "the twist." 

5.  Accidentally making an extra plate for the "display shot" when plating meals.

4.  Thinking, "But what if Scott is judging?" when adding red onions to a dish.

3.  Immediately looking over our shoulder expecting Chef Anne to be standing there with a sharpie marker to color a finger placed on the spine of a knife.

2.  Having anything I make that looks less than perfect be covered by a pot lid that is then raised dramatically while my daughter states, "You've been chopped."

1.   This happened:  
"We’re out of cold cuts? I’ll grill up a couple of portobello slices in garlic, onion and some pepper sauce as a base for my sandwich. 
Better add sweet elements to cut the heat and something fresh to add texture."

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