Monday, December 13, 2021

Jeff The Landshark's 12 Days of Christmas- by Anabelle

HO HO everyone and welcome to the Christmas Festivities! I am your host, Jeff the Landshark  - the superior of all Marvel Legends Figures. Today I would like to show you my favorite Christmas song, with a little Marvel Legends twist!! (with help from Anabelle trying to destress before her finals of course)
For your own mental sanity, let’s just skip to the twelfth day. If you want to sing this fully at home to irritate everyone you probably know how to figure out each day working backwards yourself.
😃 Let’s GO!

If you choose to sing the song for fun, click here for a backing track
Jeff The Landshark’s Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, King Deadpool did recruit…

Twelve S-Ant-as Drummin’

Eleven Banshees Pipin’

Ten Lizards Leapin’

Nine Dazzlers Dancin’

Eight Valkyries Milkin’

Seven Snowbirds Swimmin’

Six Geese a Layin’


Four Callin’ Songbirds

Three French Gambits

Two Mockingbirds


O N E   M O R E   T I M E

Just kidding I won’t put you through that again. You’re Welcome.

If you’re curious what was going through Anabelle’s mind, here’s a quick explanation from her:

Twelve S-Ant-as Drummin’:
the ant from ant man & the wasp that drums (yes i named him S-Ant-a leave me alone)

Eleven Banshees Pipin’:
Banshee has one good set of pipes

Ten Lizards Leapin’:
LEAPIN’ LIZARDS!!! (Need I say more?)

Nine Dazzlers Dancin’:
Dazzler’s outfit is very dancer-y (and i feel the need to work her into these every year hehe)

Eight Valkyries Milkin’:
Valkyrie has very nice maid milking braids™

Seven Snowbirds Swimmin’:
Snowbird kind of looks like a swan

Six Geese a Layin’:
It’s Goose the cat a layin’ !!!! (this one is my personal favorite)

Five Mandarins:
He has 5 golden rings! (Yes I hid the other five)

Four Callin’ Songbirds:
Another word for a Calling Bird is a Songbird

Three French Gambits:
Gambit speaks French (oui oui)

Two Mockingbirds:
Ok this is a bit of a reach...I ran out of bird people to be the turtle dove and she wears white sooo...

A Mule with a Hat On on Groot:
This is very self explanatory

I would, however, like to take this time to let you know that our lovely Mule with a Hat On does indeed have a name - it’s
Franklin! He has had this name since I got him but I also like calling him mule with a hat on because it is very  funny. But his real name is Franklin just in case you were wondering. I know I would be if I were you.

(also sorry to Dad for picking people that caused avalanches on the shelves...mwahaha)

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