Monday, January 9, 2023

Disney World 2022 Planning- Part 10

Feb 11, 2022 Continued-
Jeff’s Disney World Philosophy:
Emailed to the gang.
Food for thought- Here’s my thoughts on table service selections. Things may change before June 3 when I have to book.
My table format went to hell, so here's the key

Current State
New Suggestions

And here's the restaurants:

Nice happy sigh of arrival place, no characters
Reduced menu (from before shut down - no strawberry salad, that sucks), no other changes
No change
Princess meal with appetizer buffet
Closed, alas, and I think the area is replaced with a meeting place for something else.
German meal. Fun environment and there's meat!
Tusker House
African themed buffet with Donald and friends
Family style with interesting spices instead, characters at a distance
Limited options for these characters and AK food, no change
Crystal Palace
Pooh n friends buffet that Anabelle chose (legally required to say that)
Family Style, no characters
Not worth this without characters and pierogis. MK has lots of counter service.
Sci Fi
in cars with awesome movie previews
Go back!
Be our Guest
Beast's castle, it was counter service lunch
Menu very reduced now. Cost is expensive pay one price and pick. No idea if it would be table or counter service if plan comes back. Feast ala Beast gone…alas.
It's always a crap shoot if reservations show up. If one does I can try for it if we really want to go there.
Snow White
After MK
Snow white and friends, shared appetizers, excellent food. Stringy mushrooms!
Pretty much unchanged except the characters are distant
Go here but after AK instead of MK (replaces 1900 Park Dinner)
Garden grill
family style rotating place with Mickey Pluto Chip and Dale
Almost identical thanx to two levels. Hooray!
GO HERE whatever meal is open.
The castle, with Sir David...duh.
Menu the sameish, Cinderella pops out and waves…maybe some others, can't confirm.
I don't know…It’s still the castle. 
1900 park dinner
After AK
Awesome buffet with Cinderella's family in the Floridian
Closed- sniff
More park time, yay!
1900 park breakfast
last day
Awesome buffet  (Breakfast Rice!) with Alice, Poppins and Pooh in the Floridian
Closed- sniff
Topolino's Terrace with Mickey and friends big ole breakfast next to EPCOT on 2nd EPCOT morning (as of now ALL EPCOT opens 10AM- 930 for us)

As of now there's no meal plan, if it comes back we've said we want 6-7 (or 5 without Castle) table service depending on if they reduce the Castle, we'd need 2-3 (or 4) more table service.
Other note- many table service places- Brown Derby, Yak and Yeti, and others, have a Counter Service lounge connected with much of the same food.
Grandma’s answers:
GRANDMA’S picks. BUT anything everyone else likes is okay. I want everyone Happy more than myself. OXZ
First Day - PLAZA – ABSOLUTELY:  Last Day – no sit downs, Counter Service for more time in Park
EPCOT - GARDEN GRILL – ABSOLUTELY; Sit Down can be GERMAN; Counter Service – CHINA, MEXICO; or others
MGM – SCI-FI – ABSOLUTELY Brown Derby or Counter Service or SCI-FI – Twice HA!

My response
"Feast Ala Beast" did jack up the price, but it's also "price fix" now which means you get an appetizer entrée and dessert selection for that one price.
It’s completely random whether or not it’s available, but I'll look if it pops up.
Feb 12 2022
P minus 172
After three weekends of work, and deleting 200-400 pictures per day, all days of our last trip are under 200 photos a day, and ready for the final weeding by the whole family to get them to printable levels. We may get albums before we go again. Next time, not as many back up pictures…and Rosa isn’t allowed to use the “three shots at a time” on the Super Deluxe Magic Camera.
Called the in Disney internet help phone service, they fixed everything as usual. It asked if I want to continue in Portuguese or Spanish by people who actually speak those languages. Disney Rules!
Then I was on hold for an hour and forty minutes. (It’s always been long, I used to leave it on hold at work and do other things but we got a new firewall.) Awesome Happy Disney Denise answered. Mom’s room was all linked correctly. Kim’s wasn’t. Then she put me on hold for a short time because she couldn’t link all of Kim’s room, and I thought they might like to come to the parks with us.
She got us all linked up and told me to log in and check. It worked, we were all linked. Then I asked her to wait while I booked the first park day to make sure it worked. She did, but it didn’t. Every day gave me an error. She said it could be the browser or its history or some other computer thing.
She put in the reservations for the parks on each day. She also laughed when I said, “MGM, No wait, its Disney Hollywood Studios. Sorry we’ve been doing this a long time.” She said, “It’s hard to break the habit.”
Then I checked and all the reservations are there for all of us each day in the right parks.
Yesterday I looked at the MagicBand selection built into “My Disney Experience” and they are minimal and kind of crappy. They don't even have all the single color ones, only one or two.
I asked her if this (below) would work and she said yes.
We can order MagicBands off of shopdisney and type the numbers in our account when we get them to link them up. Honestly, the selection there isn’t much better. We may have to get them when we get there if we want a better selection, and ask for cards at the desk or something.
Another option is, since we have a while, to keep checking the MagicBands on MyDisneyExperience and seeing if they change.
That’s all for now, I need lunch.
Kim’s Answer:
Thank you so much for all you do during these trips and before.
We also had some texting and a phone call because she has multiple Disney accounts and it took a while to figure out which one Denise fixed.
Grandma’s Answer
THANKS for all you have done and all I know you will do. I’ll look at Magic Bands on the site and the Disney store. If the Disney store has more that everyone likes better, I can put in an order for all of them. Let me know what you & yours think and then we can check with Kim’s & hers. OXZ


Dina Roberts said...

I second what Kim and Grandma said.

Thank you for all that you do. The organizing, the adventures, the writing about it all.

I'm also amazed at the number of photos you guys take. I imagine it's very hard to edit.

What is the reasoning behind the character-distancing or no characters at Disney dining? And how long will this continue?

I'm starting to wonder why Disney didn't use the pandemic as an excuse to close down all the rides. Just have people pay to walk around the park.

Jeff McGinley said...

Thank you, glad you're enjoying it.

The number of photos comes from everyone in the group having a camera, plus photopass, we get a lot of the same thing, then have to weed through and pick the best ones. That's why we usually don't have the albums until almost the next trip.

Character Distancing ended before we went. Meet and greets and character meals were back to normal by the time we went in the summer. It was part of enforcing "social distancing" at the time.

That's not too far from when they first reopened after the shut down. Originally it was only Downtown Disney that opened with some resorts. Then Magic and Animal Kingdoms, but everything inside opened over a stretch, there were no shows, characters or other performers at first. Its back to business as usual now minus a couple things that permanently left.

Dina Roberts said...

That's good. I think the character meals were closed when we went in May. I didn't really pay attention in November.

The one character thing We/I noticed was in Galaxy's Edge. Tim pointed out in May that Kylo Ren and the Storm Troopers weren't walking around like they used to. When I went back in November, they were.

Jeff McGinley said...

Having the characters wander around StarWarsLand does add a lot to the atmosphere.

With the exception of a couple hotel face character meals (1900 Park Faire breakfast and lunch in the Floridian and Trattoria Al Forno breakfast on the Boardwalk) all the character dining will be back by the end of February. (The Princess at the Castle is the last one at the end of that month.)

Thanx for reading.