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Disney World 2022 Planning- Part 11

February 14, 2022
P Minus 169
[Later edit- Hmmmm. Some numbers before this one may be off. Oh well, it's a little late to care now!]
Sent this info to Mom and Kim, the “other room” Queens concerning sections of the MyDisneyExperience page:
You can fill in the "online check in" stuff on the left under where it says the resort name on the "my plans" page.
All you're really entering is contact phone and email, Kim can link her credit card to the room and stuff like that.
They used to have more options (near main building) and a place to type a note (where we put each other’s confirmation numbers) under the room request section.
There are only 3 things: a box that says "ignore my other selections in order to get the room ready early" (which we definitely don't want) and two things on a pull down menu: "near pool" and "ground floor" 
I didn’t mark any.
I'll call in a couple of days to try to add "near main building" to all of ours secondary to being together (Forgot when we booked) then call again closer in (There's 2 different times, 2 weeks or so, and 3 days) to request it at the hotel itself.
Anabelle saw a MagicBand she really liked. I was neutral and the princess one Rosa liked disappeared. I called customer service yesterday and they called back at Super Bowl kickoff (yay). The woman said if we declined new bands for Rosa and I, we could order Anabelle's alone, and then when her's finishes processing, as long as it was before the "ship date" (like 160 days away now) we'd have the chance to look at the list and order ours again. As of now, the Anabelle band order is still in progress. I'm not sure if this will work like she said it will. If it does, I'll let you know. If there's no change in a few days, I'll have to call again.
[Later Edit- DO NOT DO THIS!]
February 15, 2022
P Minus 168
Grandma asked about the Birnbaum’s Guide, since she (and I) always get one for the trip, even though we never use it for planning. We use it to look at pictures to get excited. I told her I’d investigate, and found with all the changes, it’s almost totally useless. It still talks about FastPass+ and Magic Express, has no idea what’s open and closed, and has several other bits I know are completely wrong. It was also 25% off and had a buy 2 get 1 free deal. Now I have one, and will give Grandma and Kim theirs when I see them.
OOOH! Pretty Disney Pictures!

February 16, 2022
P Minus 167
The Sunday night, rare non-awesome Disney person lied to us. Anabelle’s band shipped and the site never updated for us. I had meetings so Rosa called…and was left in the black hole of “on hold” after initial contact for about two hours. This illustrated a fundamental difference between us. That is – my being raised on Disney and her coming in later. When I was waiting for tech support to link all the accounts, I was reading and humming along with the looped attraction music. Rosa now hates “Zip A Dee Do Dah” and “Winnie the Pooh.”  Awesome Happy Disney Michelle finally rescued her, reset our account, and answered questions about room location and how to get to Topolino’s Terrace. That night I picked a Haunted Mansion Band, and she chose the sparkly rose colored one that made everyone think of her when they saw it.
February 17, 2022
P Minus 166
Grandma and Morgan’s Fiftieth Anniversary Bands (with Figment), and our family’s Magic Bands are on the way. Kim has yet to order the ones for her room. She has a hundred and fifty something days left. She might make it.
Parks are at capacity for President’s Day weekend, and the Magic Kingdom wait times aren’t insane. Guess we picked the right day of the week for that park.
Grandma said: That is very encouraging. Birnbaum says High volume goes from June to the second week of August and that’s US. Thank you again for the Book. I’ve done some skimming. I gave Kim hers and she was very pleasantly surprised. OXZ
I told her Birnbaum also said now had the lowest crowds and they were breaking records, so it’s all up in the air.
Kim said: Sounds good to me. Great job Jeff
Me- I sure hope it is right!
February 18, 2022
P Minus 165
I am very proud to say Anabelle has LEAPT into Grid Making heritage. From her:
Since the dining stuff is a lot later now, there really isn't going to be an official shirt grid until much later, but that is stressing me out. So hereeee is the inventory form! Once everyone fills this out I can see who can potentially match and make a prototype shirt grid.
Here is the form! Fill it out whenever :)
{link here}
See you all soon :)
Her form questions:
Shirt Grid Inventories
So we don't have dining reservations right now - meaning any shirt grid I make will be painfully "work in progress"ish, but I'll still send it out if I make a prototype. My main goal right now is to map out park preferences with shirts and who can match with who, to kind of serve as a springboard for when it gets closer.
* Required
What is your name? *
We will start with a funky fresh trivia question - what was the record for people matching on a single day last trip? *
[Later Edit- It was seven, Lion King themed shirts. Spoilers- we shattered the record due to her planning this time.]
Was the color coded shirt grid last trip helpful? *
No you're insane
Yes (but you're still insane)
What Disney shirts do you have? (Note: it does not have to be EVERY shirt, just the ones you want me to work with hehe) *
Do you have specific shirts that *must* be worn in a certain park/place that isn't really straightforward (for example, I can assume a Tower of Terror shirt would go to MGM, but my father's EPCOT Lone Ranger shirt remains a mystery to me) *
If you said yes to the last question, please elaborate (if you said no, no need to answer this question)
That’s it! Thanks for putting up with me :)
Of course
No. I have no soul

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