Monday, January 2, 2023

Disney World 2022 Planning- Part 9

February 10, 2022
P minus 174
I sent out a blank Grid with this message:
To quote that movie again...
"The suspense is terrible...I hope it lasts."
Well it'll have to, they cut 120 days off of my meal planning time.
Jeff’s (and everyone else’s) Disney World Philosophy:
These are my thoughts, any sanity checks or input it appreciated
Much of this thinking is based on the fact that we can’t do Magic Kingdom Saturday, Monday (crazy crowds) or Wednesday (extra hours for deluxe hotel guests). Monday is EPCOT extra hours for hotel guest. Trying to keep the newly popular MGM off of weekends.

2-Aug- Tues- we get there, we should go to the Magic Kingdom, ‘cause it’s us.
3-Aug -Wed- Animal Kingdom- usually closes earlier than everything else, good for the first day
4- Aug- Thurs- Magic Kingdom- trying to space out those days and keep them on mid-week days since there's the most stuff there
Alternate MGM
5- Aug -Fri - MGM- keeping it off weekend. Alternate MK (see above) second alternate, swap first Animal Kingdom with First MGM, may be tougher dealing with small place with crowds (and a 7am log on to try for the Star Wars Ride) on the first day, but could work.
6- Aug- Saturday- EPCOT - hear me out. We haven't been here yet, the hours are longer on Saturday sometimes, and the food and wine festival crowd this early before it’s all open 
a) won’t be too bad and
b) usually ignores attractions.
7 -Aug –Sunday- Animal Kingdom- works for spacing, puts the Snow white dinner which is a late night mid vacation instead of near the end when we're pooped.
Alternate Magic Kingdom- Sundays usually aren't too bad.
8 -Aug -Monday- MGM Can't be MK or EPCOT, other option MK Sunday, Animal today, MGM tomorrow
9- Aug -Tuesday -Magic Kingdom. Again, it has the most stuff we like, so having as many, or all, on weekdays is good, alternates listed above.
10 -Aug -Wednesday -EPCOT- it doesn't really fit anywhere else.
11- Aug -Thursday - Magic Kingdom- it gets the most days so it also gets the two shortened ones. Also, it’s us, we like to say good-bye there.
Kim’s answer:
I think I like MGM Thursday, MK Friday, AK Sunday, MK Tuesday that way it’s an even-er spread for the MK and my favorite-er parks are all at the end of the week.
[Later edit- Good call Kim, the repeating pattern was much better. The Planning Force is strong in my family.]
Anabelle’s answer:
Don’t really mind for the MGM vs MK thing either is fine with me but I agree that AK Sunday and MK Tuesday seems cool beans
The rest also looks cool beans
Love that EPCOT is our last night on purpose this time because that was fun and now we don't have to wait for Lightning McQueen to catch fire <3
Also I am very excited that Animal Kingdom is our first full day because of my aforementioned adoration of Animal Kingdom at night
AND (last thing I promise) I made a google form for shirt inventory so I can start organizing shirt grid things and I will probably send that out over the President's Day long weekend, so I can fiddle with it when I'm home BUT kind of a pre thing I assume everyone is familiar with the Danceworks around the world thing Miss Chris does. 
The center area of our hotel is Fantasia 2000 themed and there is a giant statue of the music box ballerina so I propose that we all pack Danceworks shirts and quick throw them on for a picture with her at some point.
Aurora’s Answer:
I think the schedule looks good, and that photo idea is incredible and it is a NECESSITY that we take it. –
Grandma’s Answer:
I’m fine with whichever way you all agree to set up the days. Jeffrey has most of this in perfection as usual. This is an outstanding idea. I will even wear my PINK Danceworks shirt for it. I’m just overjoyed with all the giant Movie statues we will see, especially WOODY. OXZ
[Later edit- At least Grandma remembered to walk around the hotel to see the other sections one night. I (and most of the rest of us) didn’t. Guess we have to go back. What a burden.]
Feb 11 2022
P minus 173
Frontierland Hoe Down returns. Will we see Clarabelle and Horace? I didn’t think this ended for health reasons, I thought it went away long before that. Go figure.
[Later edit- There was no sign a Hoe Down ever existed when we were there. 
Go figure again.
And the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade premiers, featuring a crapload of characters from newer films…and the Two Other Caballeros!
[Later edit- OH MAN! I had no idea how excited everyone would be over this one.]
Grandma answer:
YESSSSS! I want to see Clarabelle and Horace Horsecollar. Maybe we will catch them. I’d guess not too many of our clan will be interested. Also any Disney character will be welcomed, fake parade or not. But that is also me perhaps. OXZ
Anabelle answer:
Marie from Aristocats is also in the new parade thingy woot woot
And don't you worry Grandma I personally would be VERY interested in the hoedown because I am obsessed with Clarabelle :D


Dina Roberts said...

I've been reading your 2016 planning posts to keep busy while waiting for the 2022 ones. And now I'm confused and feeling like I'm split between two timelines. This might not have been my best idea. Though now I feel I can't stop.

Very cool about the dance picture idea.

Jeff McGinley said...

Thank you for reading! Apologies for the confusion.
If it makes you feel better, I'm usually living through planning the next trip while cleaning up writing the planning of the previous one. That also leads to confusion.

Dina Roberts said...

No need to apologize!!!

But I do like knowing that you're confused too. It kind of makes me feel like being confused is part of the experience then.

Jeff McGinley said...

I'm pretty sure "confused" is part of every experience with my family.