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Disney World 2022 Planning- Part 23

July 25, 2022
P minus 8
Anabelle’s updated shirt grid message.
Hi friends :)
There was a tragedy with Kim/Auntie Kim/Mom (whichever applies to you)'s Winnie the Pooh Star Wars crossover shirt, so I had to replace it on the shirt grid. Feel free to print your own of this new one if you want the updated one, I am not going to distribute the new version to the masses since there was only one change and that seems like a waste. But here is the digital version of the FINAL shirt grid <3
Aurora- I think Auntie Kim only applies to you :D
Eight? Aw nuts I’m off a day…again. Only for about a week though.
Please don’t tell anyone I had to fix it twice.
Anabelle’s update to Grandma
Since you're the only other one that will probably print the new shirt grid, my dad said that the one i emailed cut off a little bit, so here is a smaller one that will probably work better for the printer
Love Anabelle
Grandma’s answer
   I thought I could write it in for Kim on the one I was bringing with me to Disney. That gets very wrinkled. But I decided to print this one and throw away my other one that I will use in my DISNEY 2022 Picture & Souvenir Book. Because when I looked at your first email it looked like I was going to have to do some work to get it all on one page. So I didn’t attempt it immediately. I paste & cut on a lot of things. Then tape it together and make the copy. This was so much faster and better.
[Later edit- Yes, it says “faster and better.” No comments from the peanut gallery allowed at this point.]

Anabelle has all her outfits in labeled bags. Hey I’m lucky I remembered pants more than a week out. At least my shirts were in order.

Jeff’s Disney World Philosophy:
Hi, So besides Genie Plus which you pay for and acts like FastPass did, there's regular Disney Genie.
That existed the last time we went, I think. It's part of the App where we look up wait times.
You enter the things you want to do in the park and it suggests when in the day to do them when you get there (I think).
I fiddled with it a little for the first Animal Kingdom day so you might see some notifications when you log in...Or you may not.
We're pretty good at checking wait times and deciding what we want to do. I feel the same as last time about it, having the phones try to tell us where and when to be will be more a hindrance than a help. 
Especially since our answer to "what do you want to do in this park" is usually
"Just about everything."
So that’s my little Genie note, I don't think it will be helpful. I think it will lead to second guessing and confusion.
[Later edit- We did not use Genie, we did more than fine.]
July 26, 2022
P minus 7
The magic zone:
We have entered that most wondrous of anticipation bubbles.
The rare couple of days where we think-
"At this time next week we'll be in Disney World
At this time next week we'll be in Disney World"
Kim: Holy crap! That is just the coolest thing ever!!!!
Thank you Mommy
Grandma: You are all very welcome.  Remember I am as excited as all of you. Maybe more because I get to watch ALL of your Faces which gives me more Joy than just being there. I know this is what your Dad and Grandpa wanted. He will be smiling in Heaven through our whole trip. One more week - the excitement it Fantastic! (For each of you) OOOOOOOO XXXXXXXX ZZZZZZZZ
A massive amount of new Haunted Mansion merch has dropped in the last week. It’s REALLY like they know we’re coming.
The day after I send an email about how we’re not going to use Genie…Disney sends an email talking it up.
Nice try.
Anabelle starts posting photos from previous Disney Trips on Instagram.
July 27, 2022
P minus 6
MagicBand Plus premiers…
I don’t think we care.
Or I didn’t. Kim missed one of my emails (or humored me and ignored all of my emails, which would be totally justified with most of the pointless stuff I send out) and texted in confusion when she saw them announced.
Upon further review, it turns out… we don’t care.
(Especially since a plain band is triple the price of normal ones, and needs to be charged regularly with a cord that is sold separately.)
I did nose about on the Disney App to find where to get the Pay Per Ride on Rise of the Resistance, now I just have to get it to work 7AM a week from tomorrow. (AAAAH!)
Grandma’s answer to Anabelle’s request about the summer play the Friday before we go:
  I already said to Kim and I think your Father also that I can make Pizzas for dinner for everyone (unfortunately not Rosa. You have no idea how bad I feel about that). Anyway, I sent this to everyone so I get a chance to hear from them that this is okay & the dinner time wanted.
LOTS OF LOVE to ALL & Excitement that there is only 6 Days LEFT for Disney. OOOOOOOO XXXXXXXX ZZZZZZZZ
July 28, 2022
P minus 5
Disney is sending regular emails to remind us to do all the things we did. It’s nice they care.
Grandma paid for her luggage already, because of course she did.
We must all be extremely stressed and tired. Multiple emails are flying around asking questions about things we already figured out.
July 29, 2022
P minus 4
Victoria’s and Albert’s reopened- Three hundred dollars each meal!
Unsurprisingly, it’s something that we care even less about than MagicBand Plus.
We congregated at Grandma’s for the kids’ summer play. Veronica has taken over full writing and directing duties, Anabelle helped with preparations and the choreography. It was supposed to be the complete Rogers the Musical but was really a musical version of the entire Infinity Saga. It was extremely impressive and fun.
Dave has passed through his quarantine and is allowed to be maskless with his family. Huzzah!
July 30, 2022
P minus 3
I did my traditional “call the hotel’s front desk three days before to make sure our requests are in.” Except that you’re not allowed to call the front desk directly anymore. Therefore, I called the same number Grandma and I called for several things. Here’s hoping.
As proof that either Disney hates me, or Disney loves my old school planning methods, now that I have no access to a decent printer, they changed the time of the fireworks one night, requiring an old school, hand written Grid update.
Grandma- Okay got it and Fixed the last day. Thanks. Getting punchy also. OXZ
July 31, 2022
P minus 2
Reminder emails come from Disney again to do all the stuff we did. They’re so nice.
Grandma wanted to change her MagicBand P.I.N, I figured it out. We’re stopping at the desk anyway to make sure everything works, get buttons and ask for back up Key to the World cards.
Kim called with a concern, once again based on Uncle Dave’s lack of Disney shirts. His second Lion King shirt disintegrated. Not a huge issue as there were minor matches that day. All updates for all Grids have entered manual mode now.
Anabelle investigated mobile order in general and for Dole Whips specifically. Even on a weekend, they are available for “now,” but the waits are much shorter for pick up if you order further ahead.
[Later edit- we continued our multi-generational life long streak of not caring about Dole Whips when in the park.]
Got the first notification email of a park pass reminder, and the “how to Memory Maker” email…WE ARE CLOSE!
August 1, 2022
P minus 1
Panic sets in at all stages. Trying to check in for the flight! Trying to pre pay bags! Packing! Everything! Good gravy!
Articles mention the Beauty and the Beast show back to full normal,
[Later edit- Kim saw it. It was!]
And a strange drop in crowd levels. Here’s hoping.
[Later edit- More like a strange, continual shifting of  levels and locations of crowds, but we surfed it well.]
Last minute menu changes that they are telling us about are minimal. The Dwarf ice cream cone is now “Happy” in Magic Kingdom, and the Grape Cap cupcakes in Animal Kingdom were replaced with “Bugs and Grubs.”
It has taken me a full week to realize Anabelle’s Instagram posts are perfectly timed out to be a countdown. Because I am a fool.

Appropriately, today the page a day Disney Calendar features Rhino from Bolt-
"LET IT BEGIN!!!!!!"
August 2, 2022
We have reached “P!”
P for
We made it!
There were a great many times I truly didn’t think we were going to go this time.

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