Thursday, December 15, 2016

Masters of the Movie Arts

Sorry I’m late on this one I was visiting Doctor Strange.

OK, I was in Disney World, but he was there…


And I didn’t find out until we got home.

Anyway- on to the movie.

Need it be said?

It was awesome, go see it.

It is Marvel studios pumping out yet another Superhero film with a brilliant cast that adds one more distinct genre to their universe.  What could easily be overblown and confusing isn't due to Timely infusions of humor along the way.

(Those of you who got the "Timely"  reference get ten bonus geek points.)

Seriously, there’s no need to wait for me on the Marvel films anymore.  They and Disney have this down cold.

Plus I have it from the highest authority, a close friend who owns EVERY Doctor Strange comic, that this was well done, and an improvement on the classic origin.

I feel more like an outsider than usual for this one.  I’m officially not full of crap (this time) when I state I don’t own any Doctor Strange comics.

I am familiar with the character though.  He has an important place in the Marvel Universe.

Whenever the poop hits the fan at levels the other heroes are unable to deal with, they call the Sorcerer Supreme.

That includes everyone from the New York street level heroes…

All the way up to the Avengers, and gods.
(Mini spoiler:  As usual, don’t leave until the credits are over. Something else you shouldn’t need to be told.)

 I always come away with the feeling that Doctor Strange was off saving the universe multiple times between panels when my characters were talking to him.

And in at least one or two cases, recreating the entire universe.

The movie fits into the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe at the same power level.  Doc confronts a foe in his origin story that could probably have sneezed Thanos out of existence as an afterthought.

Heck, they name dropped the Living Tribunal.  Marvel's judge over ALL alternate universes.

With the crazy powers, and multiple dimensions shown, the 3D was once again worth it in a Marvel outing.

However, for all the effects and weird journeys into parallel universes that looked like someone put the portfolios of Steve Ditko, M.C. Escher and Jim Steranko into a blender, and poured them into a kaleidoscope, the quality -as always with Disney run franchises - came from story.

This is a tale of a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon who suffers an injury that deprives him of the award winning career by which he defines himself.  He then sinks to the pits of despair and drives everyone who cares about him away.  When he reaches his lowest point, he stumbles onto a path toward personal growth, enlightenment, and learning both to empathize with others and to value them above himself.

Really, it could be a Lifetime movie of the week, or with a little snow, a Hallmark channel Christmas film…

If it wasn’t for the infusion of awesome that the path he stumbles on involves a secret Kung Fu magic school that trains sorcerers to protect Earth from world ending threats beyond the realm of our reality.

Yes, after Ghost Rider on S.H.I.E.L.D. peeked through the keyhole for proper, non “alien science” based magic in the MCU, Doctor Strange blew the door off its hinges and flooded the place.

And now Cumberbatch, with his way cool voice in any accent, has shown the good doctor is quite ready to take his place alongside the rest of the Marvel heroes, as well as protecting their world from threats they can’t fathom.


Chris said...

I liked it as well. Not my favorite, but more enjoyable than the Thor movies. I'm surprised you didn't mention the cloak. It practically stole the show.

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx for reading and posting.

That's the problem with trying to avoid spoilers, I tend to forget stuff.

The cloak was great. It's nice to see the rug from Aladdin is still getting work after all these years.