Monday, December 5, 2016

Grandma Treks Season 1

In order to prove the multigenerational Star Trek fandom of my family that I have often referred to, I submit the following.

It’s my Mother’s reaction to each of my daughter’s episode reviews that she’s been sending me along the way.  She didn’t have to borrow the discs to watch the series as a refresher when she read these.

Because she did that after I did My Short Treks write ups.

Yes, it probably would have made much more sense to place these in the comments section every week…

But then I would have needed actual content for today.

Her general notes:

Don’t know if I’ll be able to comment on every episode but I’m going to list them for each Blog so I can remember which ones are in each blog. [Of course she did, now you see where I get it from.  – Jeff]

Thanks for the nod to my titles again. 

Very cute and discerning, that girl of yours.

Really enjoying these.
Maybe it is just perfect mind relaxation. 
You and Anabelle could be a comedy team, with a little extra dry humor from Rosa

The Episodes:

Salt Vampire 
She is UGLY.

Charlie X 
He is off putting.
I know this title because I know his name after so many viewings.

Silver Eyes 
Spock’s eyebrows are too pointy and the shirts do look like poop color.

I liked Riley and was glad when he appeared again.

Good and Bad Kirk
“Bad Kirk wears too much make-up” 
That’s how we could all tell it was Bad Kirk.  Good thinking on her part.

Harry Mudd and, um…his women
A pill can do THAT? Must be Confidence or something” 
Brilliant GIRL she knew before I did and probably many others that saw it for the first time.

Robot Kirk and Lurch
She had it with the Robots, it was full of errors.
Dr. Korby being a robot every one wondered but were hoping for Nurse Chapel it wasn’t so.

Kim Darby and Michael J. Pollard say Bonk Bonk on the Head
I love all her reactions

Insane Asylum with Inspector Luger
I had to laugh and really enjoy these statements too.

Clint Howard and His Big Head Puppet
“Little Guy, Big Head Image”  
See she got the talent to name them so they become more memorable.
She is right on every comment

Captain Pike 
But also Jeffrey Hunter to me. [Who she named me after- Jeff]
I agree with most and love”Look they’re watching Star Trek”

Shakespearean  Actors
Perfect memory enhancer  
“She seemed fine and then POOF! Coo Coo. "
That girl of yours has a way with words. I got a really good laugh.

Spock’s Dad Plays a Romulan
He is a VERY good actor. She has good taste. 
Spock’s smile gives away he knew. She is discerning like you. 
On the wedding and the dying- I knew,
But I still hated it.

I really liked him too. See Good Taste.  
On wondering why Kirk took so long to figure it out.
I wondered that too but the part with Ruth was just wishful thinking taking over.

Spock Commands a Shuttle….badly
Many incongruities she picked up on.
Flip flopping on liking Boma. They did it well and we as an audience have to react to it. 

Of course, I love this one.
She did a good job with her reactions.
I can’t quote them because it is all of them that are very good.

Yes scary looking, not quite cool but I always liked this one.  
A “bamboozooka” I love the description.
Lastly, the Metron is horrifying.

Captain Kirk Meets Officer Kirk in the Past
Mom Title for me was always Roger Perry, because I liked him and he was married to Joann Worley.
[Hey, who am I to argue with a Laugh In reference.]
But I do like yours.
I know you know this but it needs repeating if you are going to make Anabelle read these. I Love Time travel.

Kirks Trial 
Every observation is perfect. 
Longer than others but it captured the whole show in fun and in depth thinking.

Twilight Zone analogy   - GREAT.
It was all good but some exceptional points were – They are in the same room.
MOST thought worthy - “There were no creatures or effects and this one was terrifying!"

This was most amusing. I enjoyed all her comments.
I agreed with some and got a little confused by others but she liked Ricardo Montalban - very good taste. Really, I just smiled over every comment.

Computer War 
Astute and enjoyable

Spock Climbs a Tree for Jill Ireland
(Another episode that I knew by the other star’s name.)  
Maybe I’m so tired I’m punchy. This, of course, is my favorite next to “FIZZBIN - CHECK – RIGHT”
She is very astute and amusing with her Kirk comments.
You didn’t mention if she was finally happy when Spock hung from the tree.
[Yes, yes she was. – Jeff]

Wiggles or Imagination movers – I love it and it fits.
I probably could make comments on all her comments and for every episode they would mostly be complimentary and admitting how funny they were.

Klingons & Organians  
I liked this one because of the Klingons and thought the Organians were butts.
She certainly has an eye.
Even in my younger days I didn’t notice the same sets.
That came as I got older and watched them over and over.

Two Lazaruses
I love “the everything in Star Trek Rocks.”
She does have a good eye, it does look like the Jetsons.

Joan Collins – Pacifist
“I Don’t Like it.” And all she explained before it.
It is depressing and I always disagreed with it being one of the best.
But then Romeo and Juliet is a big hit. Never saw that either.

Flappy Jell-O Things
I called them that but always referred to it as the Jell-O Things.
It is a shorter way to get to my memory.
“They’re Vampire Man Eating Ravioli.” I love it. I’ve got a new name for this episode.
She is quick witted and funny.

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Mom said...

I am amazed at what you did and very flattered. Thank you very much.

Jeff McGinley said...

You are quite welcome. And Thank you for continuing the legacy as a first run Star Trek fan in sharing it with the family.