Monday, December 26, 2016

Index of Anabelle and Daddy Ad-veeeeen-tures! Yeah! *Jazz Hands*

Because of reasons that I no longer wish to talk about-
and are all stupid-
Up the Lake did not open this past summer with extremely short notice.

Outside of the enormous pile of suck that embodied were some specific issues.

Similar to the previous year, Rosa was bringing Abuelita back home to Peru and staying to help her settle back in for an extended time.  The original plan was for Anabelle to live with my family Up the Lake for those weeks, while I took multiple extra-long weekends to share the time with her.

Instead, a series of day trips, sleep overs and other journeys took the place of how my family and friends have spent summers for over ninety years. 

of suck.

However, the new  and extended version of Daddy Daughter time was fantastic mix of bonding, friendship and discovery.

Below is the index of our “Ad-veeeeen-tures” so named by Anabelle.

Links will go live as the posts appear… hopefully.

The “Jazz Hands” at the end is not negotiable.

Day 22- A Calm and Controlled Final Evening…NOT!
Day 23- The Great Northward Mamigration

Bonus Day with Mami 1 - The Summermission
Bonus Day with Mami 2 - An Unexpected Enjoyney
Bonus Day with Mami 3 - There and Back and There and Back and There Again
Bonus Day with Mami 4 - The Familyship is the Thing
Bonus Day with Mami 5 - The New Tower
Bonus Day with Mami 6 - Return of Fun Things
Bonus Day with Mami 7 - Destinations and Fog

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