Thursday, July 20, 2017

New Who Views: Regenderation for Real!

The Thirteenth Doctor is coming, and I am sad.

I’m going to miss Peter Capaldi, it was fun having a grumpy old man Doctor again, and oh boy could he speechify.

Bill could have easily gone on for another season or two of growth and fun.

And I really hope we haven’t seen the last of Nardole, he was piles of awesome.

Russel T Davies and Julie Gardner were the perfect choices to bring Doctor Who back in a way that gradually released the weirdness to allow the new audience to understand and embrace it over time.

This gave Steven Moffat full reign to uncork the crazy and run with it. He’s twisted the show to be much closer to the classic version over his years as show runner.  However, with a current creative edge to it that kept it fresh and exciting.

So yes, I am sad…just like I am at every regeneration.

However, also just like every regeneration, I am looking forward with excited anticipation to where the show that can do anything will go next.

The Doctor is now a woman.

So what?

Seriously, so what?

All the press releases reference Jodie Whittaker as smart, funny and British…

I’m in.

The rest is commentary, go study.

The Doctor is a time traveling alien with a fondness for humans, but who feels the need to stay aloof or apart from them.  The people who run Doctor Who believe Jodie Whittaker can do that.  I trust them based on their track record.

Chis Chibnall is the new show runner and he knows what he’s doing for a whole series in general, as shown in Torchwood and Broadchurch.

He’s shown it specifically for Doctor Who by his writing.

42 showed the Doctor at his most alien, getting possessed and leaving the companion on her own in a haunted house in space.

But The Power of Three showed the Doctor at his companions’ home, being a part of their human life.

"The Hungry Earth" / "Cold Blood" brought back the Silurians (YAY!) and went to some deep and troubling places, while maintaining the spirit of hope the show thrives on.

Meanwhile Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was one of the goofiest and most fun adventures in the old or new series yet showed the Doctor in one of his darkest moments.

He’s got the range and understanding of the series. The BBC approved his choice for the Doctor, and they’ve been doing pretty well so far.  Past Doctors from new and classic series are happy with the decision as well.

Relax, it’ll be fun!

For those of you who can’t get over the horror that, “The show will be completely different now!”

Yes…yes it will.

And that’s what makes Doctor Who amazing, and as long lasting as it is.

I dedicate this post to my daughter, who does a little dance every time she sees news about the new Doctor, and said "I love her" out loud after every line spoken by Missy.

Being her father has definitely tuned me in to things differently.  For over fifty years female fans of Doctor Who have imagined travelling with the Doctor.  Now they finally get a chance to join the rest of us and imagine being The Doctor.

It also annoys me to no end that even if the writing turns out to be awful, or the acting is no good, or the effects budget goes down the toilet leading to low ratings, the blame will be placed squarely on, "Ewww, there's an icky girl flying the TARDIS."    Jodie Whittaker is very brave.


longbow said...

Look at you quoting Hillel!

I too am excited for a new Doctor. But my eagerness is because I dropped out a few episodes into Capaldi. Couldn't understand what he was saying and was miffed about the moon being an egg.

Hope and pray we go back to the Doctor being asexual.

Jeff McGinley said...

Thank you for introducing me to that quote for the first time I stole it for Physics tutoring, "F-ma, the rest is commentary, go study"

The moon one was was unquestionably weird. It got better after that, but I was expecting much of that season to be explained away by the "brain crabs."
This season was fantastic however.

I too am a fan of the "No hanky panky in the TARDIS" days. Though the River relationship was handled particularly well Last Christmas (or "The Husbands of River Song" which was shown two Christmases ago, not Last Christmas, which was three ago.)

thanx for joining in!

Unknown said...

Nice! Shame the rest of the universe doesnt hold as balanced view as you! I just had to tick off 2 of my ex-school mates on facebook .......... again!

Jeff McGinley said...

Many thanx, always nice to get my Doctor Who thoughts reviewed by someone from the program's homeland.

Enjoy ticking off the the easily tick offable. Its an admirable hobby.